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Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog Craft: A Fun and Eco-Friendly Activity

Looking for the cutest toilet paper roll hedgehog craft instructions to make your own Fall pet?! This fun and creative project will not only bring joy to your heart but also add a touch of cuteness to your living space.

toilet roll hedgehog craft

DIY Toilet Roll Hedgehog for Kids

Imagine transforming an ordinary toilet paper roll into an adorable hedgehog with just a few simple materials and a sprinkle of imagination.

This craft is perfect for both kids and adults, allowing everyone to express their artistic flair and create a personalized hedgehog friend.

Why not encourage your little kids to give him a name?! My little boy said he would call his Bingo or Spike! My daughter said she would call hers Horace or Hetty. 

In this step-by-step guide, we will take you through the magical process of crafting your hedgehog, from gathering the materials to adding the finishing touches.

Why not do this alongside my easy hedgehog drawing and my paper plate hedgehog shape craft

This is just one of my fun hedgehog crafts for kids.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog Craft

Craft Materials Needed

Colored craft papers
Pencil – to trace the template
Craft glue
Sharpie or gel pen
Empty TP roll
A pair of scissor

Hedgehog Craft Printable Template

You will need this to help you make this cute toilet roll craft. 


Step by Step Hedgehog Craft Instructions

Step 1:
Select colored craft papers for the hedgehog craft. We’re using light brown colored paper for the
body base, outer ears and upper legs; dark brown colored craft paper for the spikes, medium light
brown for the mouth part and pink paper for the blush and inner ear patterns.
Trace and cut out the template patterns from the selected craft papers. Use a sharpie to fill the eye base cut-outs.
toilet roll hedgehog craft supplies
Step 2:
Glue the inner ear cut-outs on the outer ear cut-outs.
Step 3:
Glue the eye cut-outs near the top part (round side) of the body base cut-out.
how to make a hedgehog out of toilet paper rolls
Step 4:
Glue the blush cut-outs and the mouth part on the body base cut-out, below the eyes.
paper hedgehog step by step instructions
Step 5:
Glue the ear patterns on the top (round side) side of the body base and then glue the upper leg
cut-outs on both sides of the body base.
easy hedgehog craft preschool
Step 6:
Take an empty TP roll and cut a round edge on either open side. Use the body base cut-out’s
round edge to trace the round edge on the TP roll.
Step 7:
Glue the hedgehog pattern on the either side of the prepared TP roll.
hedgehog Fall toilet paper roll crafts
Step 8:
Take the spike base cut-out and cut 2 slits from the bottom end to fit it inside the TP roll.
how to make a toilet paper roll hedgehog craft
Step 9:
Insert the slits of the spike base through the TP roll from the top.
toilet paper roll hedgehog craft process
Step 10:
Push the spike base all the way through and then apply glue to fix its position if necessary. Your toilet paper roll hedgehog is now complete.
toilet roll hedgehog instructions
How cute does your little hedgehog craft look? You can make a smaller one in felt using my felt hedgehog instructions .He is one of my favorite Fall crafts for preschool kids! I would also recommend my Fall leaf monsters for this age group!

Will you Make this Toilet Paper Roll Hedgehog Craft?

toilet paper roll hedgehog crafts


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