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How to Make an Easy Paper Bag Bat Puppet for Halloween

Learn how to make an easy paper bag bat puppet in time for Halloween! My free printable template and instructions will help you make your own scary bat!!

DIY Halloween Bat Puppets

Bat crafts are hugely popular during October! Most people like to make them for Halloween. You can use them to decorate your home for a Halloween party or just make them for fun!!

Like my other Halloween crafts for kids these have step by step instructions!

I love making animal puppets and this Halloween puppet is perfect for telling spooky stories to little ones! 

Like lots of my other puppet crafts I have used paper bags and a free template to create these cute looking bats!

How to Make a Paper Bag Bat Puppet

Like most paper crafts this one requires very few materials. Remember to print off the free template too which will help you massively. 
Colored craft papers
Paper bag
A pair of scissors
Craft glue
Pencil – to trace the template

Bat Puppet Craft Template

Paper Bag Bat Puppet Template

Step by Step Bat Puppet Instructions:

Step 1:
Select dark colored craft papers for the bat patterns. Trace and cut out the provided template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely.
The template includes, head, body base, wings, fangs, eyes, inner and outer ears, legs and blush
halloween bat puppet supplies
Step 2:
Attach the inner ear cut-outs on the outer ear cut-outs and use a matching colored sharpie to trace outlines on the wing cut-outs.
how to make a paper bat puppet
Step 3:
Attach the leg cut-outs along the bottom side of the body base cut-out.
Step 4:
Attach the wing patterns on both sides of the body base pattern.
paper bag bat puppet instructions
Step 5:
Fill the eye patterns with a colored sharpie of your choice. Attach the eye patterns on the head cut-out.
paper bag bat instructions
Step 6:
Attach the ear patterns on the top side of the head (left and right).
Step 7:
Attach the fangs and blush cut-outs on the head. Use a sharpie to trace the mouth- line along the top sides of the fangs.
halloween paper bag puppet craft
Step 8:
Select a paper bag or craft a customized paper bag from brown paper or craft paper.
Step 9:
Attach the head pattern on the bottom side of the paper bag and flatten the bottom side with the bag (keeping the ears facing outside the bag).
paper bag bat pattern
Step 10:
Attach the body base pattern on the paper bag, below the head part.
Step 11:
Trim the open end of the paper bag if necessary.
paper bag bat diy
Can anyone think of any good bat names? We all know Batman but how about some other suggestions?

Maybe you might want to make this alongside my toilet roll bat craft or my easy bat origami

My list of awesome bat crafts for kids has lots more ideas!

Will you make this easy Bat Puppet for Halloween?

How to Make an Easy Paper Bag Bat Puppet

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