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Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Craft For Kids

St Patrick Day kids crafts that will help you create your very own little toilet paper roll leprechaun. No need to try and chase and catch these sneaky little critters, we will just make our own!

A leprechaun is a mythical creature, some say. But today we make it a real critter by making our own little leprechaun craft!

These little fairies are very mischievous and tricky to catch. We would spend way to much time trying to catch a real one. 

It would be long past St Patricks Day before we came across a real live leprechaun.

So here’s a way to make your own little easy toilet paper tube leprechaun craft!

He is one of my favorite St Patricks Day toilet paper roll crafts for kids


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Your Own Little Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun

Bring the luck of the Irish to your crafting area, and make these Saint Patrick Day Kids Crafts! This time I will show you how to make a leprechaun out of toilet paper roll.

Unfortunately I do not have a craft template but I have step by step instructions with images to guide you.

Craft Supplies:
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper (green, yellow, black, peach, and orange)
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
toilet paper roll leprechaun step by step craft procedure
easy leprechaun toilet paper roll craft

Step #1:

Cut out strips of green and peach to cover your leprechaun.

First add the peach strip in the center for his face.

There will be a small green strip for his hat. And a larger strip for his body.

leprechaun out of toilet paper roll

Step #2:

Cut out a circle from green construction paper, that is larger than the toilet paper roll.

Now, cut out the center of the circle (to the size of the roll)

This way you can slid the circle around the top green strip for the brim of his hat.

Of course you can always decorate his hat at the end. In this instance I add a buckle. 

how to make a toilet paper tube leprechaun

Step #3:

Cut another strip from green paper for our leprechaun’s arms. 

Glue this on the reverse side only, leaving his arms spread out.

toilet paper roll leprechaun craft template

Step #4:

Cut out two peach colored hands. 

Glue these to the ends of your arms.

leprechaun beard craft

Step #5:

Cut out a orange strip, about one inch wide. Of course you can make his beard as long and thick as you like!! 

Measure where your face will be on your leprechaun. Make a beard shape at this point. 

Add wave cuts along the bottom for his hair and beard.

Glue the beard in place.

leprechaun out of toilet paper roll

Step #6

Add your googly eyes.

Draw on a smile or maybe a frown depending on what mood you are in.

As well, add some buckles to his hat and body.

You can also add some other decor to your new little friend? How about a pot of gold or rainbow! After all this Irish friend knows all about these. 

Maybe you love your new friend and want to make lots more of them? There are lots of ways you can make some more and make them different looking. 

You can keep the body the same and add a rainbow colored hat, or maybe keep his hat green and draw a small rainbow with glitter pens. You can do this on his body too.

Maybe your leprechaun dyes his beard a different color, so you can opt for a black beard?! 

How about glitter or sequins? My little girl has to put glitter on everything so I know she would love to smother the hat with green glitter and orange sequins. 

If you decide to make some of these Saint Patrick’s Day leprechauns from a toilet paper tube please share them with me. Or maybe you might want to do some different easy leprechaun crafts instead

Brag away, you caught the mythical leprechaun! If you still want more of these little green guys why not try my Leprechaun stick craft

How about you give your lucky Irish guy a name? I have lots of Lucky Leprechaun Names for you to choose from. 

Do you like this Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Craft?

leprechaun craft for kids


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Friday 12th of March 2021