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50+ Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 2024

One of my most favorite types of crafts are my cool toilet paper roll crafts! When I went through my site here I was stunned to find I had so many!

So many of my readers are always asking for suggestions for crafts with toilet paper rolls, I thought it would be best to have them all together in one post. This makes it easier to find them!

crafts with toilet paper rolls


Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

I have some for every season of the year so please pin this post for future reference!

It is really amazing what you can do with paper rolls and let us face it we all have some in our house, so get crafting and turn them into something amazing!

You can make people, animals and basically anything you want! If you want me to make something for you ask me in the comments!

I hope in the future to have as many as 100 of these! I would love to do themed characters and maybe even some career themed ones, like policemen, nurses etc. I have just recently made a fireman which was a major hit with preschool boys!
I prefer the sturdier toilet paper rolls as they are much easier to work with. If you have one that is bendy and not holding it’s shape you can stick a piece of white card (to fit) or any color of card in the inside to make it stay in shape!
I have decided to structure this post a little differently and hopefully you can find what you are looking for much easier! 

Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

If you follow my site you will notice I make lots and lots of easy animal crafts; why?! Because little kids love them, plus they are a great way to educate littles on the animal kingdom!

Spring Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Since Spring has sprung I thought I would include some ideas on what you can make! Here I have included bugs, insects, animals and flowers!! 
Bumblebee Toilet Roll Craft – One of my most popular toilet paper roll crafts for Summer!! Everyone wants some bee crafts for kids as soon as March/April comes along and I always point them in the direction of this one! He uses some other common craft materials like pipe cleaners and pom poms but you have to agree he looks super cute, and best of all the children can play with him without getting any nasty stings!
Ladybug Toilet Roll Craft for Kids – I love ladybugs or ladybirds as well call them here in the UK!! Make this adorable one this Spring by cutting up a toilet paper roll and adding some paint, pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes!
toilet paper roll bumblebee
Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft









Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I put this set here as I could not find where else to add them! These easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids should keep them entertained for months!!

Preschool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Most of the links on this page are suitable toilet paper roll crafts for preschoolers! 

Still looking for more easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids?! Find the rest below! 

Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

My ultimate list of my very own cool toilet paper roll crafts for kids!! I made all of these from scratch and I can provide step by step craft procedure so you can do the same!

Even though these look fabulous they are much simpler to make than you think!


If I had to pick my favorite I would have to say it is my paper roll pilgrim people for Thanksgiving! Please let me know which is your favorite.

I am hoping I can make lots more of these over the next few months and I will add them here! Most of these are simple toilet paper roll crafts for young kids but I do plan to add some more tougher crafts for older children. 

I have recently added a bunch of Halloween toilet paper roll crafts and also some Christmas toilet paper roll crafts

If you like making use of household materials to make easy crafts for kids you might also like:-

Paper Plate Animal Crafts for Kids -my list of favorites

Animal Paper Bag Puppets – brilliant for pretend play

Do you like these Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts?

toilet paper roll crafts


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