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Avengers Paper Crafts

Boys everywhere will just love my Avengers paper crafts especially if they like Ironman, Captain American and The Hulk!

avengers crafts diy

All little boys want to be a Superhero when they grow up! They all have their favorite Superhero.

Here I show you how to make corner bookmarks featuring three of the Avengers; Ironman Captain America and Hulk! Of course there are 6 in total but these 3 are awesome in their own right!

Encourage boys to read again by making some of these fun bookmark crafts for kids

I have printable templates at the bottom of this post as well as a step by step guide directly below.

avengers crafts diy

Avengers Paper Crafts

Yield: 3

Avengers paper crafts which helps you create 3 bookmark crafts for kids including Captain America, Hulk and Ironman!


  • 1. Origami Craft Papers.
  • 2. Colourful Craft Papers in blue, green, white, black, orange, yellow)
  • 3. Scissors, kids safety ones are suffice
  • 4. Paper Glue like Pritt Stick
  • 5. Marker Pens.
  • 6. Ruler.


First I will explain how to make a corner bookmark, which is used for all 3 of our Avengers paper crafts.

Step 1:-

First, select an origami square paper for your bookmark. The paper must be at least 5x5 inches. Place the paper diagonally.

Step 2:-

Fold the paper diagonally in half, by taking the top corner downwards to the bottom corner. This will create a triangular shape.

Step 3:

Now one again, take the top corner and bring upwards to the centre of the triangle’s base. Fold the paper there.

Step 4:

Bring both right and left corners downwards to the middle point and fold them there. This will create a square diamond shape.

Step 5;

Put both of the corners into the pocket we created in the middle.

I hope you could keep up with all the folding! If so you will now have a plain corner bookmark.

Of course you will have to do this 3 times if you want all the Avengers paper craft bookmarks I have shown here.

The next stage is to add one of the free printable templates found below.

Captain America Bookmark

Step 1:

Use the free PDF templates to print out the pieces for Captain America.

Step 2:

Stick the small white wings on the two sides of the mask, then glue a white piece of paper on the back of the blue mask that covers the eyes and the logo area.

I always find having a picture of the finished craft ensures I do not stick something in the wrong place.

Step 3:

Then glue the face on the bottom of the mask to complete your Avenger.

Step 4:

For the final step, now you glue captain America to the corner bookmark you prepared earlier.

Finally repeat for Hulk and Ironman.


I am a massive fan of paper crafts for kids and these will be added to my list of favorites!!

If you love this boy’s craft I know you will also enjoy my Star Wars Paper Craft

Please remember to print off the 3 templates to complete your Avengers bookmarks:-

Captain America bookmark template

Hulk bookmark template

ironman bookmark template

Do you like these Avengers Paper Crafts?

avengers paper crafts

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