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Bead Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Ornament

My beaded Jingle bell Christmas tree ornament is very easy for adults and kids alike to make just in time to go on the Christmas tree. 

bead Christmas ornament craft

Christmas crafts can be hugely entertaining for kids in the lead up to 25th December. One of our favorite pastimes is making ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Previously my kids and I have made a clothespin Snowflake and some pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments

It is amazing what you can make using recycled or cheap craft sometimes. Beads are great for making ornaments, like my beaded candy canes.

Please follow my easy step by step Christmas tree ornament craft process below. Kids will need adult assistance to complete the bead jingle bell ornaments.

bead Christmas ornament craft

Bead Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Ornament

Yield: 1

This bead Jingle bell Christmas tree ornament is a great Christmas craft for kids and Mom to make.


  • Wooden Beads Kit (You can find them on Amazon)
  • Jingle bells (You can find them on Amazon, or most craft or retail stores)
  • Ribbon (You can get it on Amazon, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • Ribbon or twine


Step 1: 

Choose your beads (I used 3 of the 8mm and 3 of the 12mm beads and one jingle bell. The size you use is up to you. You can see how they look below.

jingle bell ornament craft supplies

Steps 2-4:

Cut a 12” length of ribbon and tie a small knot at one end.

how to make a beaded christmas tree ornament

String your beads and then add the jingle bell.

diy christmas ornament with beads

Steps 5-6:

Make a bow from the ribbon and using the craft glue or glue gun attach it to the extra fabric above the wooden beads.

cute christmas tree ornament craft process

Steps 7-8:

Cut a 6” length of ribbon or twine, form a loop and using the craft glue or glue gun, attach to the top of the back side of the bowl. 

how to make a beaded christmas ornament

Allow to dry completely before hanging.

You could easily make lots of these and give them as small gifts to friends and family. 

Why not decorate the beads. You could add glue and roll them in red and green glitter. How about painting some red, gold and green.

There are so many ways you could make your beaded Christmas tree ornaments unique.

How about making some dried orange Christmas decorations when you are in the mood for making ornaments?!

Do you like this Bead Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Ornament?

Bead Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Ornament

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