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sunflower craft with paper

Sunflower Paper Craft for Preschool

Little kids love brightly colored flowers and my Preschool Sunflower paper craft is a huge hit with younger and older children. This DIY Sunflower project for preschool is easy and quick to complete and helps children create a beautiful picture.  Preschool Sunflower Construction Paper Craft Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. We have beautiful daffodils during Spring and of course the poppy in November. Sunflowers tend to bloom in August. There are hundreds of different flowers near our house at our local garden centre and my kids are fascinated by all the different colors.  My easy flower …

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how to paint superman on a pot

Superman Planter Craft

Who wants to be a Superhero gardener? Now you can with my cool Superman Planter craft which is an easy painting craft for boys and girls.  I am always looking for ideas for gardening crafts for children to encourage their love of the outdoors. One great idea is to take a plain clay pot and turn it into something fabulous! Plain pots are boring and not as pretty as something that is beautifully painted. My little girl recently made a Minnie Mouse Painted pot with my help and it looks fabulous. It can be placed inside or on the front …

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watermelon paper craft

Watermelon Fan Craft with Paper

We all need something to keep us cool this Summer and my Watermelon fan craft is perfect for doing so! Not only does it look cool it is functional as well! Plus it is ideal for girls or boys! Paper crafts are hugely popular and a frugal craft idea for little kids who like to play with their finished craft afterwards.  Watermelons are so refreshing to eat on a Summer’s day, but you can also use them to cool you down in the form of a easy paper fan!  Previously I have made a Watermelon dinner set using paper plates …

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Easy paper flower craft

Paper Flower Craft for Kids

Now that Spring has sprung and Summer is on the horizon there is no better time to learn how to make a paper flower. These are so easy and make a great kid’s Summer craft idea. These easy paper flowers for kids can be made in a variety of different colors and shapes! Who says we have to go outdoors to see some pretty flowers?! Not us at Easy Crafts for kids as we make lots of flower crafts indoors! My easy paper Roses are a huge hit all year long and my pop up flower card makes for a …

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paper plate summer craft with bee and butterfly

Paper Plate Gardening Craft with Moving Bee and Butterfly

Now that Spring has sprung it is the best time to do my paper plate gardening craft with moving bee and butterfly! it’s just like a real garden with a buzz of activity! Who says you have to be outdoors to do some gardening? Not me. Let your kids have some gardening fun with this adorable paper plate craft for kids! This is an easy craft which requires a few common craft supplies. It lets kids make a pretend garden with some grass, flowers, a moving bee and a butterfly. Butterflies are attracted to brightly colored flowers and bees will …

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minnie clay pot craft

Minnie Mouse Planter Pot

Kids will love this adorable Minnie Mouse planter pot which is perfect for inside or outside on the front porch! Get them interested in gardening and growing plants and flowers at an early age with this adorable gardening craft! Minnie Mouse is a huge favorite of mine and my 6 year old daughter! We love painting and decorating clay pots as you can see from our Love Bug Clay Pot craft so we decided to make a Minnie Mouse pot and use it for some plants! My kids are always bringing seedlings and buds back from school. Recently they brought …

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Pirate Craft with Moving Eyepatch

Paper Plate Pirate Craft with Moving Eyepatch

I just love all things pirate, and this paper plate pirate craft with movable eyepatch went down well with my 4 and 6 year old!! As soon as Summer comes we open up out selection of pirate crafts for kids!! I am always looking to add to my current list and my latest creation is my favorite! I still have to make one from popsicle sticks but I will save that for another day! My 6 year old and I decided to take a paper plate and turn it into a cool pirate, but not any old pirate! We made …

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aquatic paper plate craft with seahorse and fish

Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate Craft with Rolling Wave

Summer crafts for kids are huge fun when they have moving parts like my paper plate craft with rolling wave! Long hot Summer days are best spent near the sea or a swimming pool. One of my most favorite things as a child was standing at the edge of the sea water watching the waves crashing in! My kids absolutely love the waves chasing them as they run back to shore! They also love sea creatures especially star fish! We have tons of easy Starfish crafts on this site but this is my first activity involving waves! I love my …

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crab craft with paper and scissors

Cute Crab Craft – How to Make a Crab From Paper

Now that beach days are upon us my kids and I are doing lots of different sea themed crafts! One of our latest is our paper crab craft! Summer days are great for spending time in the sun getting our daily dose of Vitamin D and some fresh air too. However on those really hot days you might want to go indoors to save your kids skin from sunburn. The last thing you want to do on a hot day is let your kids sit in front of the TV so why not teach them about sea life instead.  We …

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dinosaur pop up card for Father's Day

Dinosaur Pop Up Card for Father’s Day

If you are looking for some Father’s Day card ideas for your kids to make this year you ought to try my Dinosaur Pop Up Card! This works fabulously well for us in our house because both my son and daughter are T Rex mad!  Dinosaurs are very masculine and make the perfect Father’s Day card idea! What better way to show Dad you think he is great or ‘dino-mite’ than a cool pop up dinosaur card. By the way you can always change the message on this card to Happy Birthday so it can work for that occasion too. …

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