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Chalkola Chalk Markers

Chalkola chalk markers are a fun way to create, craft and decorate! We enjoyed every minute crafting with these bright markers.

We have put these markers to the Crafty Critters test and they have come out a clear winner – two big thumbs up!

We would like to start by saying that, yes, we were provided these markers at no cost in exchange for sharing our review with all of you. 

But this is a truth only review – our Crafty Critters would never suggest you go buy a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. And we would use these Chalkola Chalk Pens over and over! 

We are considering decorating our windows for every holiday and season, just because they are so easy to use and such fun!

What are Chalkola Chalk Markers?

Chalkola chalk markers are a great way to decorate, craft and create with fun bright colors and little mess. 

WRITE > WIPE > CREATE… Its easy to erase as the ink is water based – use a wet wipe cloth. Always use on non-porous surfaces, and test a small area before creating. 

Chalkola wet erase markers are vibrant, bright and bold! Use them on Mason jars, ceramic jars, DIY projects, For leaving personal notes on Mirror & calendar, Chalk boards Stickers, Chalk board contact paper, Metal, Plastic, Glasses doors, Cafe menus, pubs, Gym boards, Sewing & tracing patterns on fabric, Business Folder, Lunch menu, Kitchen, garden, and so much more!

Keep children away from computers and mobile games – Use chalk markers to Design on arts and craft Paper, Non porous Walls, Car windows, Signs, Classroom projects, Books, Blackboard, Scrapbooking, Hand Lettering, stencil ink.

These chalk markers are are Eco friendly, Non Toxic, Xylene Free, Odor Free

Check Out This Video from Our Friends at Chalkola:

Our Experiences with Chalkola Chalk Markers

Overall both sets of these markers are FANTASTIC! They work well as a set, as the smaller ones are great for whiteboards and small details and the larger ones are great for window decorating. 

The colors on these markers are beautiful. They are super bright, vibrant colors. It stands out great on your windows. This is a way to decorate without window clings for increasing your energy bills because of holiday lights. 

Getting started is easy. You do have to get the markers primed which at first we thought would be time consuming, but it was super easy. You simply have to press the tip down for a few minutes and let the ink set into the tip. This literally took 2-3 minutes per pen and you only have to do it once. 

Glides on smooth. Drawing with these is like drawing with a normal marker. They glide on smoothly, the color is even and they dry very quickly! I was very surprised at how well the colors looked and how solid the image turned out. 

Chalkola Chalk Markers – 6mm – 10 Neon Colors

We tested these markers out on our windows, mirrors and a pumpkin (at Halloween). The smaller nib versions are great for smaller projects and detail. 

We do suggest if the budget allows to get both sets as big images are much easier to create with the thicker nib version of these chalk markers. 

This set of chalk markers has 10 great neon colors:

  • black, green, orange, blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, brown and white

They are beautiful looking on windows, mirrors, whiteboards and more!

Use coupon code CHALK20A to get an additional 20% off these Chalkola Chalk Markers.

Chalkola Chalk Markers – 15mm – 15 Neon Colors

Great way to decorate your windows for the holidays! The thick nib makes drawing easy. The ink goes on smooth and evenly so coloring in images is quick and looks great! 

If you make a mistake along the way it is as easy as a piece of paper towel and a dip of water. We even found that before the ink dries you can just use some paper towel to wipe and correct your mistakes. 

This set of chalk markers has 10 great neon colors:

  • White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, grey and pink

They are beautiful looking on windows, mirrors, whiteboards and more!

Use coupon code CHK20OFF to get an additional 20% off these Chalkola Chalk Markers.

We also did a quick test run of these markers at Halloween. We ended up being one of those last minute decorators this year and the mess of carving pumpkins was a bit too much on the night before Halloween .

We got our chalk markers in the mail the day before and thought “Hey why not decorate the pumpkins with them”. 

It worked great! Super easy to draw on the pumpkins and if you want to change up your designs just wipe the pumpkin with a damp cloth and start over. 

You can also decorate for the Halloween fun, then wipe off the designs afterwards and use the pumpkins for general fall decor or even bake them up for a pie!! 

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Have you ever used Chalkola Chalk Markers?

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