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Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Have your kids get excited for more than just chocolate eggs with these easy Easter bunny crafts for kids 2023! Easter is a holiday that stems from some major religious events, but most kids get excited for the easter bunny.

bunny crafts

This little critter comes in the night and leaves trails of treats and goodies. There are a lot of fun crafts you can do for this holiday.

This holiday falls in the spring time, and these are great rainy day crafts.

Not only do you keep the little ones busy on a rainy day, you have decorations for the arrival of the Easter bunny.

This holiday also has a religious story to it too, see our Religious Easter Crafts for Kids to help tell the story.

What Easy Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids You Will Learn on This Page:

Easter Bunny Treat Cup: A fun way to give out a little treat at Easter with these Easter crafts!

Easter Bunny Costume: Dress up as the Easter bunny and hand out treats to your family and friends in your very own Easter bunny costume!

Easter Bunny Pencil Critter: Decorate even your pencil this Easter

Paper Roll Bunny Rabbit: Another cute way to make your own Easter bunny, with a paper roll and some paint!

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers: A bunch of adorable crafts that are nice and easy for the preschoolers. If you want to do something with all your paper rolls, here are some toilet paper roll Easter crafts


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Easter Bunny Treat Cup

Easter Bunny Cupeaster bunny styrofoam cup craft A fun and unique way to give out a little treat at Easter! Great Easter bunny crafts for preschoolers

Supplies: White tissue paper, Pink and white paper, Empty fruit cup, Googly eyes, Cotton ball, Red small pom pom, Glue, Water, Scissors


Easter Bunny Costume

Easter Bunny Costumeeaster bunny mask costume You’re friends will not even know it’s you! What a unique way to bring tasty treats to your friends at school.


Easter Bunny Cup

Preschool Rabbit craft Another unique idea to use for handing out treats, or you can use these as cups if you are having an Easter party. 

Supplies: Paper or Styrofoam cup, Construction paper (white and pink), Cotton ball, Pom pom (red or pink), Black marker, Scissors, Glue

Easter Bunny Pencil Critter

Easter pencil topper craft These little easter crafts are so cute and can be used to decorate or as a pencil topper at school.

Supplies: Craft foam, Pipe cleaners, Pom pom, Googly eyes, Glue, Scissors


Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny for Easter Here’s another fun and easy way to make your own bunny crafts for kids. 

Supplies: Paper roll, white paint, paint brush, pipe cleaner, construction paper, pom poms, googly eyes, scissors, glue and black marker. 


I am always adding new craft ideas here, just like my latest Easter bunny holding an egg! Oh how my kids would love to find him and take his chocolate egg away! This is a super simple paper craft with a free template, which helps you complete this in a few steps. Suitable for kids as young as 3!

Easter bunny egg craft for 3 year olds

If you have some spare paper plates in your house you ought to try and make my Mr and Mrs Bunny! The lady of the house comes with a bow in her hair and the man comes with a bowtie! This is a great craft if you have two children as they can make one each and have a complete couple. Of course you could always encourage them to make Baby Bunny too. 

mr bunny craft for kids

Make your house an unforgettable stop for the Easter bunny with these crafts for kids! Be sure to check back with us frequently, we are always coming up with new ideas to share!!

Can you think of some other materials you could use to make a bunny? How about a clay pot? You could even make a Easter card with a bunny inside! How about a Bunny crown?! These are just a few other options. 

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Do you like these Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids?

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