Camping Crafts for Kids

Use our camping crafts for kids to keep yourself warm in your tent with our mini campfire. A fun way to have your own little campfire without the risk of getting burnt.

Mini Campfire Preview

Fire is not something we want anyone playing with, it tends to burn and cause bad injuries. 

Are the little ones fascinated by the campfire? Help them create their own (burn free) campfire. They can play with a fire that won't hurt them.

Mini Campfire Craft

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper roll
  • Pom poms (grey, white, black)
  • Tissue paper (yellow, orange)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Age Range:

  • 4 years and up

Time to Complete:

  • 15-30 minutes
Instructions for Mini Campfire Craft

Step #1:

Cut a small strip off a paper roll. We are going to use this as a base to our campfire, but you won't be able to see it so if its not quite straight it's okay.

Step #2:

Cut a piece of yellow tissue paper about the size of a regular piece of paper. Also, cut the same size for the orange tissue paper too.

Step #3:

Lay the yellow and orange tissue paper in the same pile. Cut it into four squares. Make sure you pile it so it alternates between yellow and orange.

Step #4:

Place your piece of paper roll into the center of tissue paper.

Step #5:

Push the tissue paper through the center of the paper roll. You can add a bit of glue to the inside of the paper roll to hold the tissue paper in place.

Step #6

Crumple the top of the tissue paper. You can also cut some of the pieces to make it look like flames (or is some pieces seem a bit long).

Step #7

Grab all your pom poms and glue them all around the paper roll. Make sure you can't see any of the paper roll. 

Alternately you can use small twigs if you would like your fire surrounded by twigs rather than rocks.

The camping crafts for kids is all done and you are all set to have your own mini fire without the risk of getting burned. 

Play a little pretend and get a small stick to roast something. Cut out some crackers, chocolate and marshmallow shapes out of construction paper and make a smore!

Camping Crafts for Kids

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