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Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids

You can never have too many Christmas trees! The real ones take up so much space but my craft ones do not! My Christmas tree water bottle crafts for kids is the ideal way to recycle empty bottles and have as many trees on display as you like!

christmas water bottle crafts

How many trees do you have in your house? We have a gigantic 7ft one in our good room and a smaller one in our dining area.

As for craft trees I have lost count, as I have made so many! You can see some of them in my list of easy Christmas tree crafts for kids

We go through so many water bottles in our house, as my hubby takes one to work everyday. Sometime my kids like to make them into sensory bottles or shakers. Recently we made a pig money box from one!

This water bottle Christmas tree craft is super easy and involves wrapping an empty water bottle in yarn and then decorating it!

Previously I have made some yarn Christmas tree decorations so we use it lots. 

christmas water bottle crafts

Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids

These Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids are the perfect recycling crafts for kids this December! They will look great in your home!


  • Water bottles
  • Acrylic paint - green, yellow
  • Yarn - green, silver
  • Glitter foam stars, large
  • Adornments - buttons, poms, gems, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1

Begin by painting the water bottle green. Let dry.

water bottle christmas tree paint green

Paint the bottle cap yellow, too.

Step 2

Once the bottle is dry, begin wrapping with green yarn. You can tape the yarn in place, but we simply wrapped the yarn over the end to secure.

Continue wrapping the bottle with yarn until it’s mostly covered.

Once done, you can again either secure with tape, hot glue even, or simply tuck the end of yarn through the strands.

Step 3

Now, wrap once all the way down with a strand of silver yarn. Secure in place the same as the green yarn.

water bottle christmas tree silver yarn wrap

Step 4

Next, glue on the embellishments. We used buttons and poms and on our trees, but gems would be cute, too, or get creative.

Step 5

Finally, adhere a large glitter foam 

Why stop at a green water bottle tree when you can make a silver one using gray/silver thread or even a pink Christmas tree!

Can you think of any other water bottle Christmas ornaments you may like to make? How about an angel?!

These make a neat gift for Grandparents! They are great decor for the mantelpiece too. I would even go as far as saying that you could sell these at a Christmas market. 

Do you like these Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids?

Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids


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