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DIY Pipe Cleaner Bracelets – Easy Friendship Bracelets with Beads

I love making my own kids jewelry, and these DIY pipe cleaner bracelets were a massive hit with my daughter and her friends!

The perfect Birthday party activity for little girls who love jewelry and want to make their own pipe cleaner friendship bracelets with beads!

My easy friendship bracelets tutorial can be found below.

easy friendship bracelets

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

We love easy pipe cleaner crafts for kids here at Easy Crafts for Kids and this one is right up there; probably my favorite one for little girls!!

Such an easy activity that can be completed in less than 30 minutes using only a few supplies! Transform some brightly colored pipe cleaners and beads into adorable friendship bracelets!

You can make as many of these as you like using different colors of pipe cleaners and different colors of beads! Make some Halloween bracelets with orange, green and black! Or how about red and white ones for Christmas! 

If you want to make more jewelry after you complete this activity, why not learn how to make paper rings with a Princess theme and a Dream catcher pendant

My step by step pipe cleaner friendship bracelet tutorial can be found below!

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Bracelets Step by Step

The good news is that you only need a few materials to complete this beautiful jewelry craft for kids

Materials Needed

pipe cleaner beaded bracelet supplies

  1. Colorful Pipe Cleaners.
  2. Beads. 
  3. Scissors (Optional). 
  4. Glue (Optional).


Step 1:

Take three colorful pipe cleaners. You should cut them shorter if you are making for a child as full length ones may be too big. 

how to make pipe cleaner friendship bracelets

Step 2:

Make a loop with the pink and purple pipe cleaner, then wrap the end of the loop with the orange pipe cleaner. 

diy pipe cleaner friendship bracelets

Step 3:

Push a bead through the orange pipe cleaner (the one in the middle). 

how to make friendship bracelets with beads

Step 4:

Crisscross the pink and purple pipe cleaner over the orange one. 

how do you make a bracelet out of pipe cleaners

Step 5:

Then, take the orange pipe cleaner under and over the purple pipe cleaner. Make simple 3 strands braids using the three pipe cleaners. 

Step 6:

Enter a bead through the pipe cleaner in the middle and make 3 strands braid again. 

braided pipe cleaner bracelets

Step 7:

Insert your third bead. 

Step 8:

Braid again. 

pipe cleaner bracelets diy

Step 9:

Once you are happy with the length, make a loop and take the two shortest pipe cleaners. 

Then, wrap the end of the loop using the long pipe cleaner. 

pipe cleaner bracelets instructions

Step 10:

Take out the three ends of the pipe cleaners through the loop. 

easy friendship braided bracelets


Step 11:

Make a round shape with your bracelet, take the pipe cleaners’ ends through the first loop, and bend them to tie your bracelet. 

how to make braided bracelets with beads

Someone asked me what are the best beads to fit on pipe cleaners, well as far as I can see sunburst or starburst beads work best! 

Will you make these easy Pipe Cleaner Bracelets with Beads?

DIY Pipe Cleaner Bracelets


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