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How to Make a Dream Catcher Pendant

Little girls love pendants and dream catchers so there is nothing better than making your own dream catcher pendant!

dream catcher pendant

This beautiful brightly colored dream catcher will brighten up your dull days! 

Wear it with a nice dress or low cut top to show it off. 

Kids can wear it for dress up in the hope it gives them sweet dreams! 

Here I provide a step by step guide on how to make a dream catcher pendant! Why not make one for all of your friends, it would be the best gift ever!

dream catcher pendant

How to Make a Dream Catcher Pendant

Yield: 1

Learn how to make a dream catcher pendant for kids!


  • 1. Crochet Doily.
  • 2. Craft Wire.
  • 3. Thread.
  • 4. Needle.
  • 5. Colourful Yarn (you can choose whichever colors you wish)
  • 6. Scissors.
  • 7. White Glue.
  • 8. Satin Fabric.


Make sure you have all the recommended materials before you start! Most of them can be picked up from The Dollar Store and Amazon.

Step 1:-

Pick a suitable craft wire for your doily, ideally they need to be the same width and circumference. Use these to make a ring and tape them together.

Step 2:-

Start winding some satin fabric around the wire frame. Keep going until you have the entire frame wrapped. Stick the end using glue.

Step 3:-

Lift your doily and thread a needle! Now you are going to do the colorful part of the dream catcher pendant.

Step 4:-

Put the doily in the middle of the wire ring and start sewing the doily with the satin fabric wrapped on the ring.

Step 5:-

Make sure to sew it around the frame to secure the doily on with the frame. If it is too loose it will fall off!

Step 6:-

Then, pick a piece of cardstock according to the length of your tassel.

Take the yarn/wool, and start wrapping it around the cardstock. You cna pick whatever colors you wish!

You can stop wrapping it when you get the thickness you want for your tassel.

Step 7:-

Gently pull the yarn out of the cardstock.

Step 8:-

Use a piece of the same yarn to tie a knot on top of the looped yarn

Step 9:-

Cut the other end horizontally to finish off making the tassel.

Step 10:-

Similarly, make more tassels and then sew the tassels with the wired frame.

Last Summer I made a dream catcher craft which all the kids loved, so chances are this will be a hit also. 

I also have made lots of yarn crafts for kids and they are excellent also. 

All you have to do is think what you will wish for when you wear yours! Why not make several in different colors to match lots of outfits!

You might want to buy your own as opposed to making one

Do you like this Dream Catcher Pendant?

how to make a dream catcher pendant

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