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Rose Paper Plate Flower Craft

My adorable rose paper plate flower craft can be made all year long but it is much appreciated on Valentines Day or Mothers Day!

Learn how to make Roses from paper plates below!

Rose Paper Plate Flower Craft

Easy Rose Paper Plate Craft for Kids

I absolutely love anything to do with Roses! The flowers whether faux or real, rose pictures and of course the Cadbury’s chocolates!

Every lady expects a solitary red rose for Valentine’s Day! Quite often we used to give my Mum pink roses on Mother’s Day or even for her Birthday so this makes a great craft all year round!

In my easy paper plate craft for kids I show you how to turn paper plates into beautiful roses! 

Give these as gifts or use them as pretty house decor! They could even be used to decor for a party or even a wedding! If giving as a Valentine gift why not accompany them with my DIY Rose Card

If you love this idea why not try and draw an easy rose or print my free roses coloring pages

How to Make Paper Plate Roses

Like most of my easy crafts for kids this one does not require many materials!

Materials Needed

  1. Paper plate.
  2. Watercolor or paint,
  3. Paintbrushes.
  4. Hot glue gun.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Pencil.

Step by Step Rose Paper Plate Craft Instructions

Step 1:

Select a paper plate for your paper plate rose craft. You’ll need 2 paper plates to make one paper plate rose.

Step 2:

Download the attached PDF templates and use the template to trace the flower pattern on the paper plate.

Cut the flower pattern out of the paper plate using scissors carefully.

How to make Roses from paper plates

Step 3:

Cut out the smaller petals using another paper plate. They will look like this.

How to make Rose petals from paper plates

Step 4:

Then cut out the spiral rose pattern from the paper plate.

Paper Plate Rose petals

Step 5:

Apply your first layer of color on the flower cut-out pieces. Wait for the paint to dry before applying the second layer.

Step 6:

Then, add the second layer of paint. 

Pink roses craft for kids

Step 7:

Cut slits on the bottom part of the smaller petals.

Step 8:

Apply glue on one part of the slit and overlap the other side joining the two sides together.

DIY rose petals

Step 9:

Similarly, make the rest of the petals.

Step 10:

Start rolling the spiral flower from the outer part.

rose paper plate craft instructions

Step 11:

Then roll the entire spiral flower and apply glue on the center to secure the roll.

diy roses out of paper plate

Step 12:

Start gluing the small petals inside the paper plate. Glue one petal on the inner edge of the plate.

diy pink roses from paper plate

Step 13:

Glue the second petal on the opposite side of the paper plate.

Step 14:

Then, glue the rest of the petals around the inner side of the paper plate.

how to make a paper plate rose flower

Step 15:

Glue the spiral flower on the center of the paper plate to finish making your paper plate rose.

how to make a rose flower paper plate

Paper Plate Rose Patterns

You will need to print this to help you make your rose paper plate

paper Plate Rose

Will you make these Roses in a multitude of colors? Who will you gift yours too? Fancy making more?! Then try and make my paper roses

If you enjoyed making these why not try one of my other easy flower crafts for kids

Do you like this Rose Paper Plate Flower Craft?

Rose Paper Plate Craft

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