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DIY Santa Bookmarks for Kids

Ho ho Santa Claus is coming to town and if your littles cannot wait why not help them DIY Santa bookmarks to help keep the excitement at bay!

santa claus bookmark craft for kids

What is better than reading a Christmas novel in the lead up to Christmas Day?! Reading one and keeping your place with an adorable Christmas bookmark is. Previously I made a Rudolph Reindeer Bookmark craft and some cute penguin bookmarks. These are great but if you want some variety why not make a Santa paper bookmark!

I will be making lots more Santa crafts like this Santa bottle craft or my adorable Santa napkin rings which will be perfect for your guests on Christmas Day.

My easy step by step craft process below will help you make these cute Santa bookmarks.

santa claus bookmark craft for kids

DIY Santa Bookmarks for Kids

Yield: 1

These DIY Santa bookmarks for kids are the perfect Christmas craft for readers this December.


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. White embossed paper
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Black gel pen
  • 5. Pencil
  • 6. Scissors


Step 1:

Select the following colors of craft papers for different parts of Santa:-

1) Light pink for the head pattern

2) Red paper for the jacket, trousers and hat cloth patterns

3) Black paper for the shoe pattern

4) White or off-white paper for the beard and moustache patterns; and white embossed paper for the sleeve borders, hat border and tip (pompom).

Trace and cut out the traced patterns using scissors.

santa claus bookmark craft supplies

Step 2:

Attach the shoe cutouts on either side of the leg cutouts (strips); attach the round embossed paper cutout on the tip of the hat cutout and the embossed paper strip along the bottom side of the hat cutout. Attach the small embossed paper strips along the open ends of the sleeve cutouts.

how to make a Christmas bookmark with Santa

Step 3:

Attach the beard and the moustache patterns on the pink round cutout (head pattern).

Step 4:

Attach the hat pattern on the top side of the head pattern.

how to make a paper Santa Bookmark

Step 5:
Attach the hand (glove) cutouts to the sleeve patterns and attach the leg patterns to the bottom side of the body base cutout.

Step 6:

Attach the head pattern to the body pattern.

Step 7:

Apply glue on the open side of the arm pattern and attach it to the body base pattern on either side (left or right); keep the rest of the arm pattern free from glue.

Step 8:

Similarly, attach the other arm pattern to the opposite side of the previous one.

Use a black gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the papercraft Santa Claus figure.

diy christmas santa bookmark

Step 9:
To use the Santa Claus papercraft as a bookmark, slide a page between the body and the arms.

Christmas Santa crafts are so much fun and keep kids hands and minds busy in the lead up to Christmas Day! There are so many different things to make. 

I have made lots of Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls as well as doing a variety of Christmas tree crafts to help stimulate imaginations and decorate the house. 

Please use my free printable Santa paper bookmark template below:-

Santa Claus Bookmark Template

Will you DIY Santa Bookmarks this Year?

DIY Santa Bookmarks

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