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Rudolph Reindeer Bookmark Craft

Christmas is coming and this cute Rudolph reindeer bookmark craft is the perfect way to keep your space in your Christmas novel. 

rudolph christmas bookmark craft

When we think of Christmas time we think of lots of presents, Santa Claus and of course reindeers. I love reindeer especially Rudolph; I think he is everyone’s favorite. If you want you can make my Candy Cane reindeer to hang on your Christmas tree. 

Kids traditionally get 2 weeks off school at Christmas and as well as crafting there is lots of time to do some reading. Why not combine the 2 activities and craft some Christmas bookmarks featuring reindeer. 

I have lots of great DIY bookmarks ideas for kids for other times of the year too if your child wants to have something non seasonal to use when they are reading at other times of the year. Not everyone will want a reindeer bookmark come Summer. 

Below I will show you how to use my free printable template and colored craft papers and turn them into a cute red nosed reindeer bookmark craft.

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rudolph christmas bookmark craft

Rudolph Reindeer Bookmark Craft

Yield: 2

Christmas is coming and this cute Rudolph reindeer bookmark craft is the perfect way to keep your space in your Christmas novel. 


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Sharpie marker
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select red and 3 different shades of brown colored craft papers.

Trace the nose on red paper, the body base, legs, head, and outer ear patterns on the medium light brown paper; trace the horns on the dark brown paper; trace the inner ear, mouth and belly patterns on the light brown paper; and trace the muffler pattern on any colored craft paper you like.

Cut around the traced patterns - good scissor skills practice for little kids.

reindeer bookmark craft step by step

Step 2:

Attach the horn cutouts on the top side of the head cutout, attach the inner ear cutouts on the outer ear cutouts, attach the nose near the top side of the mouth cutout; and attach the belly cutout in the middle of the body base cutout.

Step 3:

Attach the ear patterns on the top side of the head pattern, on both sides of the horns.

how to make a reindeer bookmark

Step 4:

Attach the mouth (+nose) pattern near the bottom side of the head pattern. Use a sharpie marker to draw the eyes and mouth of the paper reindeer craft.

paper reindeer craft diy

Step 5:

Attach the head on the top side of the body base pattern and then attach the muffler right below the head.

reindeer christmas bookmark craft for kids

Step 6:

Apply glue along the open sides (left and right) of the body base and then place the leg cutouts on the glued ends. The leg patterns should be placed inwards.

Step 7:

Attach both legs to the body base pattern. The legs should be glued along the edge only and the rest of the pieces (legs) should be free from glue.

Step 8:

Use a brown sharpie to draw the hoofs of the rudolph reindeer bookmark on the open ends of the leg patterns.

Slide a sheet or page between the body base and the 2 upper legs of the paper reindeer to use it as a Christmas bookmark.

Will you give your friend’s some of these as a Christmas gift? You could have a Christmas craft party before the 25th December and everyone could make their own Rudolph bookmarks. 

My Penguin bookmark craft is another great idea if you want a Winter themed bookmark and not a Christmas one. 

Before you go please print this free PDF bookmark template to help you complete this Christmas bookmark craft:- 

Reindeer Template

Do you like this Rudolph Reindeer Bookmark Craft?

Rudolph Reindeer Bookmark Craft

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