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DIY Thanksgiving Banner

Our easy DIY Thanksgiving banner will help you show everyone how thankful you are this Thanksgiving. This holiday is all about being grateful for what you have and say thanks to all the precious things in your life.


Thanksgiving includes many festivities, especially the dinner with the family. It is a great time to decorate and we’ve created a number of decorations that are not only very pretty – they show everyone what you are thankful for!

It’s a great time to be with family and give thanks for all you have in life.

Thanksgiving is celebrated different times, depending on which country you are in, but these decorations are great for them all – and even nice throughout the fall as they encompass the fall color scheme.

diy thanksgiving banner

Boy is Thanksgiving a great holiday! Although I think that all holidays are great, this one is so pretty.

The colors are just fantastic in the fall and all the decorations and things for Thanksgiving have these beautiful colors.

A great thing about me is I get two Thanksgivings! Being American and from Alaska I celebrate the American Thanksgiving… plus be it that I’m living with the Critters in Canada I get to celebrate theirs too! Hee Hee!

Below I’ll be teaching you a few great craft ideas for decorations. I’ve used these all as decorations and they are very eye catching!

Thanksgiving “Give Thanks” Banner

This banner will be sure to stand out on Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s a great way to shout out your thanks on the big night. It is very bright colored and flashy, just the way I like it, hee hee!

We’ve used ribbon as our string to hang, you can also use other things like fishing line – then your banner looks likes its floating.

Show that you are truly thankful with these easy Thanksgiving crafts instructions for a “thankful” banner.

Supplies: Thanksgiving Banner Craft Supplies:
  • Multi-colored paper (or card stock)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch
Step #1: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #1:

Decide what “thankful” saying you would like on your banner,

We have chosen “Give Thanks”.

Cut out enough squares to spell out your saying.

Make sure you have alternating colors – red, orange, yellow, green.

Repeat this process a second time, these will be to cut your letters out of.

Make sure the pattern is opposite this time – green, yellow, orange, red.

Step #2: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #2:

Cut out your letters out of the second set of squares you made.


Step #3: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #3:

Glue them on each of the squares. The colors will correspond like this:

Red – Green; Orange – Yellow; Yellow – Orange; Green – Red

Step #4: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #4:

Punch holes in both of the top corners of each square.

Step #5-1: Thanksgiving BannerStep #5-2: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #5:

Thread the ribbon through your first square. Starting from the back to front and front to back.

Repeat this process with the second square. This time go from front to back and then back to front.

Repeat this for all the squares.

Step #6: Thanksgiving Banner

Step #6

Leave about 12 inches of ribbon on each side.

This leaves room for you to hang it, and also some extra to hang down.

Pick the perfect spot and let your thanks hang!

You can add sparkles in the form of glitter to your letters for an extra wow!

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts - Banner

I do surely hope you enjoyed these beautiful colorful and easy thanksgiving crafts! Please continue to browse around. I know I’ve taught some very cute Thanksgiving crafts that are great for the dinner table.

My true favourite is a turkey out of a paper bag, filled with popcorn! Take a look around and see if you can find it!

Check out some other easy thanksgiving crafts we’ve created!

I absolutely love my Thanksgiving printable which encourages kids to list everything they are grateful for!

Easy Crafts for Kids is social too! Be sure to join us and keep up to date on what the Crafty Critters are up to:

Do you like this DIY Thanksgiving Banner?

thanksgiving banner for kids

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