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Brown Paper Bag Turkey – Best Edible Thanksgiving Crafts

Brown Paper Bag Turkey Craft – Fun Thanksgiving Craft You Can Eat

Here’s fun edible Thanksgiving crafts that are a great centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has a turkey for their dinner get together, now you can have a fun appetizer turkey – filled with popcorn!

brown paper bag turkey craft


I know when our family gets together for dinner we are all sneaking samples as mom cooks. (And we all get in trouble for this!)

This is a great centerpiece to put out while preparing the last of the main dinner. It is filled with popcorn so everyone can nibble on this while they wait. 

It’s perfect, not filling but enough to keep wandering hands away from the main course.

Display it proudly beside the real turkey, and it doubles as an appetizer while you wait for everything to cook.

We have created this with regular lunch bags, but if you want it to be the same size as a real turkey you can use the grocery sized bags as well! This Brown Paper bag turkey will be a massive hit!

You do know you can also make some Thanksgiving crafts while you wait for dinner too if you want to keep your hands occupied and your mind off the popcorn snack!

mayflower thanksgiving paper plate craft

easy turkey paper bag puppet









How To Make a Brown Paper Bag Turkey

For our example, we were using Dill Pickle popcorn and soon realized that there was grease bleeding through the bad.

This mistake actually turned out for the better, it gives the turkey a “cooked” look. So use buttered popcorn or a flavoured one if you wish!

how to make a brown paper bag turkey

What You Will Need:

  • 3 lunch size brown paper bags
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Popcorn, or something to stuff turkey with
  • White paper
edible turkey thanksgiving craft

Step #1:

Fill one of your lunch bags with popcorn. You will fill it about 3/4 full.

Step #2:

Fold one end of the bag, similar to the way you a present. Glue it underneath.

This is the main body of your turkey.

Step #3:

To make this part look more realistic, crumple the corners to round out the body of your turkey.

If you are going with the buttered popcorn, this will help some of the grease bleed through – give you a cooked effect.

Step #4:

Fill your other two lunch bags with popcorn. For these ones you will only need a little bit, approximately 1 cup of popcorn into each.

Tilt the bags to push all the popcorn to one side.

Step #5:

Fold your bag in half, so that it is drumstick sized.

Crumple the end to create a shape similar to a drumstick. Again, crumple all your corners to round it out.

Step #6:

Twist the end together to make the end of your drumstick.

Cut off the excess paper.

Repeat this for the second leg.

Step #7:

Create the dressings for the end of your drumsticks.

These are made out of the white paper.

Cut a 1 inch strip and you will be creating a circle out of it to wrap around the end of the drumstick.

On one end, cut 1/2 inch slits along it.

Wrap these around the ends of your drumsticks.

brown paper bag turkey crafts for kids

Step #8:

Glue a drumstick on each side of your turkey body.

Using a non-toxic glue will ensure that there is no hard in eating the popcorn inside. You could always use a tape instead of glue!

These edible thanksgiving crafts make a great appetizer and a definite conversation starter!

Be sure to display it as you would a real turkey, with the stuffing bulging out of the bird.

An easy access for snacking too!

Can you think of other snacks you might add if you do not like popcorn? You can add anything you like, even nuts (but be careful none of your guests have a nut allergy. 

Sweets or candy could be added if you want one for kids, but remember there is a chance they may not eat much dinner if they have too many!

Turkey crafts for kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

An edible Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving what could be better!

Can you think of other edible Thanksgiving crafts?

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More Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Like This One:

Here’s everything else you will need to set your table for Thanksgiving supper. You can also use my turkey pop up card as an invitation card. 

thanksgiving pop up card with turkey

Hand-print Turkey: Truly use your hands for this Thanksgiving decoration!

Pumpkin Centerpiece: Have a simple, but elegant pumpkin to add to the centerpiece (seeming your turkey will be nibbled on!)

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings: Great way to re-use a paper towel roll and turn it into festive napkin rings.

Thanksgiving Name Card: Another use of a toilet paper roll, and everyone will know where they are supposed to sit.

Check back frequently for more edible thanksgiving crafts for kids – we are always adding more!!

Happy Crafting!

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How to make a brown paper bag turkey

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