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Dog Craft With Yarn for Kids

WOOF!! WOOF!! Our dog craft with yarn for kids! Any chils can have a puppy of their own, without the mess and responsibility!

Dog is a man’s best friend, and a kids best friend.

dog craft with yarn


 A lot of kids idolize their dog, others are not able to get one because of space or allergies.

Of course a real dog costs money and involved a lot more responsibility.

Our little shaggy dog is not only cheap and chore-free… he’s tiny and portable too.

You can bring your dog to school, church, the playground, or anywhere you wish!

If you love this you might want to learn how to draw a dog easy or try some of my cute puppy coloring pages 

Home-made Pom Poms for Yarn Dogs Craft

To make our shaggy dog, be sure to learn this quick way of how to make the pom pom base!

Learn to make Home-made Pom Poms

Shaggy Pom Pom Dog Craft with Yarn – How to Make Yarn Dogs

Find out below how to make a yarn dog. This furry friend will be with you forever and you can bring him anywhere you go.

Craft Supplies:

  • Brown yarn, Cardboard, Craft foam (brown, pink, black), Googly eyes, Glue, Scissors

Step #1:

Cut two circles out of cardboard. The size of these circles will determine how big your dog’s body will be.

Cut a hole in the center of each. If you make a larger hole in the center, the dog will have shorter hair, a smaller hole will make a shaggy dog.

Step #2:

Place the circles together. Weave the yarn through the center and around the circle. Wrap the brown yarn around until the entire circle is covered.

Step #3:

Cut the yarn around the outer edge of the circles. Be sure to hold the center so the yarn does not fall or move.

Step #4:

Cut another piece of yarn. Wrap it in between the two cardboard circles. Tie it in a knot, tightly around the center.

Step #5:

Now that you have all the yarn pieces secured. Move a section aside.

 Cut the cardboard circles so you can remove them. Be sure not to cut any of the yarn.

Step #6

Now you will have a pom pom, with two longer ends from the yarn that you tied the entire pom pom together. Cut off one of those ends, leaving the other one for his tail.

Step #7

Using your craft foam, we will make all the other parts to our shaggy dog. With brown, cut out two ears and a heart shape for his feet. With pink, cut out a tongue and a nose out of black. 

Step #8

Glue your heart shape (your feet) to one end of the pom pom. Glue the ears on the top half, one on each side.  

Step #9:

Glue the googly eyes, nose and tongue to make his face. 

Fun dog crafts for kids that create your own portable shaggy pom pom dog. 

Why not make others with black yarn or white yarn! You can make as many dogs as you wish!

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Fun Little Activity if you like Easy Dog Crafts

Boy will always have his best friend with this cute dog crafts for kids!

There was this little saying when I was a kid that helped you draw a dog of your own pretty easily.

Here’s the steps:

  1. There was a stick person, who kept his arms at his side. (Draw a stick person with no arms)
  2. He went for a swim. (Next, a circle around the person)
  3. As he swam he notices bugs in the pool. (A few dots on each side of the person)
  4. So he got out and went to McDonalds (Draw the golden arch (“M”) on top of the pool)
  5. As he walked in the tables were full. (Color in the bottom half of the arches)
  6. So he left and bought two hot dogs.

If I’ve explained that one right, there should be a dog on your paper!

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Do you like this Yarn Dog Craft for Kids?

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