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Dolphin Coloring Pages

Dolphin Coloring Pages

These dolphin coloring pages for kids come with 10 different pictures for children to decorate as they please. Free to print as many times as you like.

Dolphin colouring in pages

Dolphins are one of the most popular sea creatures there is. Lots of people pay for boat trips to try and see them up close. People also pay considerable money to get the opportunity to swim with this beautiful mammal.

If you have some kids in the house who love dolphins they might want to decorate some of my themed ocean coloring pages. Whenever they finish coloring they may want to make their own and they can do with my dolphin craft with paper. 

I will show you a few of these individual dolphin colouring pages close up so you can get a feel for what the pack includes. You can see these below.

Happy Dolphin Coloring Page

This guy is ever so cheerful swimming by himself. I love the different types of shells and starfish around the picture. It would a pretty poster on your wall after it is decorated. 

dolphin colouring in pages

Dolphins are not the only swimming creature in the sea. This friendly dolphin is surrounded by a few fish who are not intimidated in the slightest by his presence. I can also see a happy crab lurking at the bottom of the seabed. 

dolphin coloring page

The next cute dolphin coloring page features a pair of dolphins swimming through hearts. This would make a great cover for a Valentine’s Day card. Little kids can color it in, then stick it to the front of a card! 

dolphin hearts coloring page

Ask children what other sea creatures they might expect in the ocean! One of the most common answers is an octopus. The next ocean coloring page features some different things you may encounter should you go scuba diving. 

dolphin sea creatures coloring page

Print this PDF of Dolphin colouring in pages below to get your 10 page set:-

Dolphin Coloring Pages to Print

If you like these you may be interested in my variety of ocean crafts for kids; some more great ways to keep your children entertained this Summer. 

Want some more ideas then head over to my list of free printable coloring pages for kids

Which of these Dolphin Coloring Pages are your Favorite?

free dolphin Coloring Pages

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