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Dolphin Craft With Paper

Dolphin Ocean Craft With Paper

Summer is coming so there is no better time to do some dolphin craft with paper! I love dolphins and so do my kids so I know they will be stoked when they see I know how to make them from paper!

dolphin paper craft

Kids paper crafts featuring ocean animals are great for the lead up to school holidays! 

Previously I done lot of different ocean crafts for kids including pencil holders and a wool octopus! 

This paper craft is super easy to do because I have a free template with everything you need as well as a step by step craft guide on how to make a dolphin. 

If you love this sea creature as much as I do your kids will love my dolphin life cycle hat

dolphin paper craft

Dolphin Craft With Paper

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: cheap

This easy paper craft for kids lets you make a dolphin swimming in the sea! Fun ocean animal craft for age 5 and upwards.


  • 1. Colored sheets of paper
  • 2. Pencil
  • 3. Pen
  • 4. Kids Scissors
  • 5. Craft glue


Step 1:

Select 2 or 3 shaded colored craft papers for the dolphin and also choose 2 different shades of blue for the sea paper craft. If you have two kids doing this you can choose different colors for each child.

We will do the dolphin first. Trace the dolphin pattern onto the selected craft papers and cut them out (Mom might have to do this bit for the little kids).

Step 2:

Put the curved strip like pattern on the bottom of the dolphin as shown in the pictures. These should be aligned.

easy dolphin craft step by step

Step 3:

Put the 2 fin patterns together; the small one should be attached on the top of the big one. I used the same colored craft paper for the body and the smaller fin and used a darker shade for the bigger fin pattern. Of course you can use whatever shades you wish. Why not experiment and make several!

paper dolphin craft

Step 4:

Attach the eye of the paper dolphin (you can also stick on a googly eye if you prefer) and draw a smiley face on the dolphin. Here again you can also draw a frown if you prefer! This can be a chance to talk to your child about different emotions and ask them why the dolphin might be sad, i.e no food, or why they are happy, i.e they are playing in the sea.

Step 5:

Trace and cut out the square shape from a blue colored craft paper.

Step - 6:

Trace and cut out the wave patterns using a different colored craft paper than the square so we have some contrast. Attach the wave patterns on the square paper cutout; attach them on any one side along the width of the square.

step by step dolphin craft with paper and scissors

Step - 7: Attach the bottom side of the dolphin near the side (the side with the wave patterns). Do not add glue to the top side of the dolphin.

Step - 8: Fold the square paper into half so that the square part of the craft can be used as a stand. You can reinforce this with some cardboard if you wish.

I hope you know how to make a paper dolphin!! I know my kids will want to make this over and over again. The next thing might be an origami dolphin, when my littles are a bit older and have had more practice folding paper and following instructions. 

You can use this for lots of things or just for fun. Why not stick it onto the front of a card and send someone ‘Have a Happy Holiday’ or use it to make a picture for your wall. 

Why not try some of my free dolphin coloring pages to keep your kids busy and practising their fine motor skills during Summer vacation! You can see an example below; good news is that I have 10 different ones and you can print as many copies as you wish!

dolphin sea creatures coloring page

Can you think of some other dolphin craft ideas to do with your kids? You could search how to make a dolphin from paper plates or pipe cleaners if you want to try something different. 

Why not do a seaside theme for your homeschooling and feature dolphins and other sea life including these cute starfish crafts

Be sure to check out my collection of easy paper crafts for kids to keep your littles entertained! 

Please remember to print this free dolphin template to enable you to do this 

Dolphin Template

Will you be doing this Dolphin Craft With Paper?

dolphin craft with paper

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