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Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft

Here in our house we love children’s novels, and we also love doing themed crafts. My Dr Seuss hot air balloon craft is the perfect paper craft for book,  Oh the Places You’ll Go. It is a book about adventure that is inspiring to children of all ages.

This Oh the Places You’ll Go hot air balloon craft can be used after you read the book or even before! Kids love doing crafts associated with stories! 

paper hot air balloon craft


Hot Air Balloon Dr Seuss

I have to confess I still have to read this book to my kids but am planning to do so when they get off on half term holidays. 

It gets such good reports and is important for educating kids that things do not always go to plan but fills them with lots of hope for the future. My children love when I ask them lots of questions about a book too. I am probably going to ask lots of things about hot air balloons, and why they would be a good fun way to travel! 

This is a simple paper craft for kids that lets them make a pretty picture.

I actually think it would look fabulous stuck onto some cardstock to make a greeting card. It be perfect to send to someone who was emigrating to a new country or even just as a fun card to wish someone a good holiday. I guess it would even make a great Good Luck card too!

Alternatively you could also stick it on the wall as it would make great home decor. 

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Printable Instructions

I absolutely love hot air balloon crafts for the Spring and Summer months and I hope you find my craft tutorial below helps you complete this. 

You can find my paper hot air balloon template at the bottom of the page! You can print as many copies as you like and use the activity for lots and lots of kids, making it ideal for a classroom setting! It is not essential to use it but it simplifies the procedure and saves lots and lots of time!

paper hot air balloon craft

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft

Yield: 1

My Dr Seuss hot air balloon craft is the perfect paper craft for book,  Oh the Places You'll Go. FRee printable template and instructions


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Embossed paper - white
  • 3. Sharpie
  • 4. Craft glue
  • 5. Pencil
  • 6. Scissors


Step 1:

Select different shades of pastel colored craft papers.

We’re using pastel yellow for the hot air balloon patterns, pastel pink for the balloon stripes and brown paper for the basket.

Trace and cut out 3 hot air balloon patterns, 2 sets of stripes and the basket patterns.

You can see my selections below. Of course you can use any colors you wish.
dr seuss hot air balloon craft supplies

Step 2:

Take 2 hot air balloon cutouts and the 4 stripe cutouts.

Fold them in half symmetrically as shown.

How to make a paper hot air balloon

Step 3:

Cut the stripe cutouts in half. Attach one half of the stripe cutouts to the top side of the folded balloon patterns. My Dr Seuss craft procedure image will guide you

dr seuss craft instructions

Step 4:

Attach the other half of the stripe cutouts on the inner side of the folded balloon patterns.

air balloon craft procedure

Step 5:

Similarly, prepare the other half folded air balloon pattern.

Step 6:

Take the plain hot air balloon cutout and attach any one of the half folded balloon patterns on one side of the plain one.

Dr seuss craft step by step

Step 7:

Attach the other half folded balloon pattern on the other side of the plain balloon cutout.

Attach the basket strip cutouts on both sides of the basket (on the top

air balloon craft with paper

Step 8:

Attach the 3d hot air balloon pattern on the top side of the basket pattern.

Step 9:

Trace and cut out the cloud patterns from white embossed paper.

Prepare a piece of paper and paste a small striped paper mountain shape on it.

Attach the cloud cutouts on the paper as well.

dr seuss paper crafts

Step 10:

Attach the 3d hot air balloon craft on the paper to complete the craft.

What will you do with your Dr Seuss hot air balloon craft? Will you use it as a poster or a fun card for a friend?

Can you think of anything else you would add to your hot air balloon picture? How about some birds or even a kite. Maybe you might add some small children sitting in the basket. 

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Oh The Places You’ll Go Balloon Template

Please print my free hot air balloon basket template to help you complete this craft:-

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Template

Did you do my Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft?

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft

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