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Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft

This Quilled hot air balloon craft was tons of fun for both my daughter and I! There is definitely something therapeutic about rolling pieces of paper together to make patterns!

Valentine Hot Air Balloon Craft


I already have a soft spot for hot air balloon crafts for Valentine’s Day as you can see from a Heart Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox, so it was only natural I would jump at the chance of making another one!

Of course hot air balloon crafts can be used at any time of the year, but they are especially popular around Dr Seuss Day and during the Summer months!

This particular quilling craft is simpler than it looks and comes with full step by step instructions found in my craft tutorial below. The bonus is that is comes with pictures so you can easy visualize each step. 

While I did have to help my 5 year old I am pleased to say she was able to do some of the quilling herself with my guidance. This is great for exercising fine motor skills and of course for encouraging creativity. 

Valentine Hot Air Balloon Craft

Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft

Yield: 1

This Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft is perfect for kids young and old! Brilliant for exercising fine motor skills and encouraging creativity


  • 1. Quilling Papers.
  • 2. Quilling tool.
  • 3. Craft papers.
  • 4. Glue.
  • 5. Cardstock paper.
  • 6. Scissors.
  • 7. Pencil.


Step 1:

Take a quilling strip of your desired colour.

The length of the strip depends on the size of the hot air balloon’s heart shape.

The strip I used is 5 inches long.

Step 2:

Use the quilling tool to roll the strip into a quilled coil.

Make sure the coil is tight.

Step 3:

Similarly, make more colourful coils.

quilled paper coils for hot air balloon craft

Step 4:

Cut out the heart shape using the template.

Step 5:

Start gluing the quilled coils on the border of the heart shape.

quilled heart process

Step 6:

Glue quilled coils all around the heart’s border.

Step 7:

Now make two loose coils and glue them inside the heart shape.

heart quilling craft procedure

Step 8:

Fill up the heart shape by gluing one more loose coil inside the heart.

Step 9:

Cut out the hot air balloon’s basket from the template.

Make a brown (the basket’s colour) loose coil and glue it on the top corner of the basket.

quilled hot air balloon step by step

Step 10:

Fill up the basket with more brown loose coils.

Step 11:

First, prepare your card. Then glue the quilted heart on the top side
of the card.

Step 12:

Then leave a 3-centimetre gap and then glue the basket on the bottom side of the card.

Valentine hot air balloon quilled craft step by step procedure

Step 13:

Take a black (or any coloured) quilling strip and glue it on the side of the heart to the side of the basket.

Step 14:

Similarly, glue two more strips, one on the middle and one on the other side. That's it, you have your completed Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft.

Valentine Hot Air Balloon Craft

Summer is the best time to go for a hot air balloon ride but if you do not have the chance you can get some joy from doing this quilling craft.

Please let me know what you did with your completed craft. Did you turn it into a greeting card? Perhaps you put it on your wall.

Maybe you made lots of these in different colors? You could sell them at a market stall or the school fair. 

Before you get quilling please remember to print the free template to help you complete this craft

Hot Air Balloon Template

Do you like this Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft?

Quilled Hot Air Balloon Craft


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