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20+ Fun Paper Crafts For Kids To Keep Them Entertained 2024

We’ve got tons of fun and very easy paper crafts for kids 2024! These crafts are very simple to make, and involve very few materials. Our crafts also promote recycling by re-using newspapers or other paper items.

These very very easy paper crafts will keep children entertained for months on end. Best of all there is something for every season and special holiday! Most of these are easy crafts with paper scissors and glue.

easy paper crafts for kids


Things to Make with Paper and Scissors

The kids can make fun and whimsical crafts with just a few pieces of paper. Any of these paper crafts can be decorated to match any season or holiday.

Kids of all ages absolutely adore my craft with paper ideas! Let us face it I have one for almost everyday of the year!

I have recently made lots more and I think it is time I share them all with you, whether you are looking for an animal puppet craft or paper plate delight I have them here!

Arts and crafts with paper are hugely popular; you could find enough of them to do a different one everyday for at least a year! 

If you want to know what things to make with paper and scissors you have come to the right place. 

The Endless Possibilities With Paper! Easy Crafts with Paper, Scissors and Glue

Paper crafts use simple supplies and make for hours of fun. If you are doing these with smaller children, make sure to get the scissors that are safe for them to use – let them do all the work!

For most of these crafts all you will need is:

  • Paper (of all kinds)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Drawing tools (like crayons, markers, etc.)

These are great for all occasions and all budgets! Enjoy these: we know you will! It is amazing what you can create with only a few supplies. Indeed most of mine are crafts with paper and scissors. 

You can see some of my favorite easy paper craft ideas below

Tons of fun easy paper crafts for kids – Kid Paper Crafts Ideas

Easy folded paper fan

A great simple folded craft that requires only some paper and markers. Keep yourself cool on hot sunny days with this easy paper fan craft.

Such a simple and quick idea for children of all ages. Plus they can decorate it however they wish! Use a variety of color of markers and paper and stick on some buttons or other accessories if you have them too hand.

This is not just for girls as boys can make these too. 

Easy folded paper fan

Folded paper crafts

With just a piece of paper and a pen you can turn from ordinary kid to psychic

This is another folded paper craft that is suitable for older children. 

I love this because you can make lots of them with different things. 

Why not use this as a Birthday party activity.

Paper fortune teller

Paper bag princess

Use plain old brown paper bags and turn them into fairy tale characters & creatures.

Why stop at one Princess when you can make lots more! Make 2 and have double the fun!

Encourage your little one to make up a story whenever they have finished crafting.

Paper bag princess craft

Paper butterfly

Using our paper fan craft we will also create these beautiful butterflies too!

This is one of my simple paper crafts but nonetheless it still looks adorable and is perfect for Spring when little bugs start to appear.

Easy paper butterfly

Get all these crafts and over 100 more to go with our ebook! Crafty Critters: Crafts to Go

Chinese paper lanterns

These Chinese lanterns are fun little decorations for any party!

Initially I made them for Chinese New Year but realised they are a hit all year long. 

Chinese paper lanterns

Baseball pinata

A party favor or just for fun. Hit this pinata with a real bat, get a candy filled home run!

Paper mache is great for sensory stimulation! Enjoy this cute sports craft with both boys and girls.

Baseball pinata

Paperclip bookmark

A cute &creative way to keep the place in your novel!

Ladybug bookmark

Paper plate mask

Let’s play pretend with these adorable paper plate mask.

Cat Mask Paper plate

Paper plate butterfly

They are so pretty & so much fun to make. Have your own butterfly garden!

Paper plate butterfly

Paper windmill

Use the power of the wind to set this craft in motion!

One of my most popular easy kid paper crafts for sure

Paper windmill diy

More Paper Craft for Kids Ideas

I have a series of Princess crafts with paper. There are too many too list here but you can learn how to make Cinderella, Merida, Princess Mulan amongst more. These might be useful if you are having a slumber party for your daughter and she has lots of friends visiting!! Each one comes with a free printable and images showing you how to make your own Princess! All you need are some colored cardstock papers and scissors. 

Paper flower crafts are very popular come Spring and just recently I made some easy paper Roses for Valentines! You can use these on their own and stick them together to make a paper wreath.

Perhaps you might want to put them onto some cardstock and make a Valentine card. I have lots of paper card crafts on this page including two of my popup cards below. These are more complicated paper crafts for kids that adults will have to help with.

Elsa Heart Pop Up CardHow to Make 3D Snowman Card








Speaking of wreaths, I have lots of these easy peasy paper crafts for you to make. Look below, you can make a Christmas one using tissue paper or how about one from Easter egg shapes.

These are just a few of the wreath activities I have on my site. If you want more you might want to look for my St Patricks one.  

Tissue paper Christmas wreatheaster egg craft for kids










There are lots of other things you can do with paper like quilling! My Quilled paper hot air balloon makes an amazing picture and it looks much easier than you think!

If you like origami for kids I have a few on cats and butterflies. Some of these are easy paper crafts without glue and scissors.

How about some paper bookmarks?! Yep I have made some of these too. How about my unicorn bookmark with popsicle stick or my bumble bee bookmark which will put the buzz back into reading for children?

These are a just few of the many fun and easy paper crafts kids will love. It’s crazy how much you can do with one piece of paper!! Use these fun and simple crafts on rainy days, at school or camp and much more!

Recently I did a whole bunch of animal paper plate crafts and some others crafts with paper like my swimming dolphins

Always be sure to check back with us for more simple paper crafts for your kids! I do plan on adding a separate section for preschoolers featuring easy paper crafts ideas. 


Do you like these Easy Paper Crafts for Kids?

Check out these easy paper crafts for kids. Get your child creative juices going with these simple to make crafts for boys and girls. Make some bookmarks, masks, butterflies, puppets and many other fun activities that will keep your kids busy and happy year round. #kidscrafts #easycraftsforkids #papercrafts #papercraftsforkids #crafts

Looking for easy paper crafts for kids? There are lots of paper craft ideas to help your child get creative. Here are some simple to make crafts for boys and girls: bookmarks, butterflies, puppets, masks and many other fun activities that will keep your kids busy and happy year round. #papercraftsforkids #crafts #kidscrafts #easycraftsforkids #papercrafts

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