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Easy Hat Leprechaun Trap Idea

One thing we all want to do this year is an Easy Leprechaun Trap Idea to try and get some good old Irish Luck! I for sure could do with some after this past 12 months!

Hat Leprechaun Trap

Being from Ireland, I love all thing Leprechaun, especially coming up to March 17th, when we celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Everyone knows that Leprechauns are associated with good luck!! I have always wanted to see a real one, haven’t you?! I was inspired to do this St Patrick’s Day craft for kids after seeing lots of ideas on Pinterest.

If you are happy with pretend ones you can make my toilet paper roll leprechaun and my popsicle stick leprechaun

Go ahead and try and make my Hat Leprechaun Trap and see if a tiny bearded red haired man turns up with a pot of gold or else tells me where to find some! I just have to work out what the kids and I would spend it on. 

I have lots of things to entice him to visit including a rainbow and pot of gold! I am sure he would feel right at home when he sees these.

This is very simple leprechaun craft to make using toilet paper rolls and my free printable template with step by step craft instructions!

Hat Leprechaun Trap

Easy Hat Leprechaun Trap Idea

Yield: 1

This easy Hat leprechaun trap idea is one fun activity for kids this St Patrick's Day as they try to catch their own leprechaun for some Irish luck


  • 1. Toilet Paper Roll
  • 2. Colourful Craft Paper.
  • 3. Cardstock Papers.
  • 4. Pencil.
  • 5. Scissors.
  • 6. Glue.
  • 7. Ruler.
  • 8. Beads.
  • 9. Buttons.


Step 1:

Cut out the belt’s pieces from the template.

Also, cut out a green piece of craft paper the same size of your toilet paper roll.

leprechaun belt supplies

Step 2:

First, glue the yellow square piece on the middle part of the black strip.

Step 3:

Then glue the smaller black square piece on the middle area of the yellow square.

Step 4:

Wrap the paper roll with the green paper for the easy leprechaun trap

Step 5:

Then glue the black belt around the toilet paper roll.

how to catch a leprechaun with a trap

Step 6:

Cut out a 5inch x 5inch green cardstock.

Step 7:

Glue it on the bottom of the paper roll.

Step 8:

Fill up the gap inside the paper roll using tissue paper/bubble wrap.

leprechaun trap process

Step 9:

Cover up the top part of the paper roll using a brown cardstock paper.

Step 10:

Decorate the top using colourful buttons and beads. You could also use pom poms if you do not have any of these.

Step 11:

Glue the rainbow, shamrock and the gold pot on the paper roll according to where you want to place them

leprechaun trap idea for kids

Step 12:

Then finish it off by gluing the ladder.

Props Instructions:

Gold pot:

Step 1:

Cut out the pot from the template and also the coins.

Step 2:

Then glue the coins on the back of the pot.

Step 3:

Cut out a strip of cardstock, fold it in half like an ‘L’ shape.

Then glue it on the back of the gold pot.

pot of gold for leprechaun trap


Step 1:
Cut out the pieces for the ladder from the template.

Step 2:

Place the two long strips vertically side by side and keep a 1-inch gap between them.

Then take a smaller strip place it horizontally and glue it’s both ends over the longer strips.

Step 3:

Similarly, glue all the shorter strips to finish making the ladder.

Rainbow and Shamrock:

Cut out the rainbow, and use colourful sharpies to draw the rainbow. Then glue a cardstock strip or popsicle stick on the bottom.

Similarly, glue the shamrock with a strip as well.

shamrock and rainbow craft

Now you have your trap I really hope you get some luck! Why not find out your lucky leprechaun name while you are in the mood!

Before you go remember to print your free leprechaun trap template to help you catch a leprechaun

Leprechaun trap template

Can you think of any other Leprechaun trap ideas that you could make? How about one using a tissue box or even a milk carton? Could you trick the little green man into visiting your trap?

Do you like this Easy Hat Leprechaun Trap Idea?

Easy Leprechaun Trap Idea

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