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Easy Leprechaun Traps That Work

My easy leprechaun traps that work have got to be on your to do list this March! Make sure you know how to catch the leprechaun with a trap before March 17th! Which of my ideas for leprechaun traps will you go for and will you be successful?! There is only one way to find out!

Easy Leprechaun Traps That Work


How to Catch a Leprechaun With a Trap

It’s March and I guess we are all trying to catch a leprechaun right now! Why? Because obviously he has lots of gold coins or knows where to find them! He can bring you lots of luck too!

The idea of a trap, I guess any trap is to con a leprechaun into thinking he can find a pot of gold! We need to be clever and use something to lure him into climbing intro a trap, which he will not be able to escape from!

How to Make Leprechaun Traps That Work

Hopefully you will find some good leprechaun traps that work amongst my massive list below!! My kids and I are very excited to try some of these new ideas for leprechaun traps easy and will share our successes with you all!

Easy Leprechaun Traps That Work

Wow look amazing list of easy leprechaun traps that work! Lots of ideas for leprechaun traps that worked! These are great ways to catch or shall I say trap a leprechaun!

How to Use Bait to Catch a Leprechaun

So if you are having some difficulty getting a leprechaun into one of your traps. Why not use some bait to entice him? Chaos and Wine has a great leprechaun bait recipe including honey nut chez mix, pretzels, green M and Ms, lucky charms marshmallows and more to encourage him to climb into a trap! 

Anymore Leprechaun Trap Ideas

I love some of my ideas above but I am wondering does anyone else have some leprechaun traps that worked! I want evidence by the way!!! I would love some proof that you caught a leprechaun.

What other materials could you use to trap a leprechaun?! How about a shoe box or a tin can?! There are so many different ways to make ones of these. 

Have you other catch a leprechaun activities for kids like word searches or coloring? I do have some cute leprechaun coloring and a easy leprechaun drawing for kids if you want to keep everyone entertained while they wait for the little lucky green guy to get trapped! 

You can find more leprechaun trap pictures on Pinterest!

Which of these easy Leprechaun Traps That Work is your Favorite?

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Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

These are great ideas for leprechaun traps! I can't wait to try these with the kids this year!