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Easy Nurse Craft- DIY Puppet for Nurse Appreciation Week

My easy nurse craft is a great idea for Nurse Appreciation week! Why not make your own paper bag puppet and give it to a nurse you know! This can a member of your family, friend or someone who looks after you.

Perhaps you might give it to your school nurse! 

easy nurse craft

How to make an Easy Nurse Puppet

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up; I changed my mind as a teen and went on to be a scientist and blogger but I know lots of littles who still have this ambition. 

Use these occupation puppets as a way to educate kids on possible future careers as well as an opportunity to highlight how important nurses are in our community. 

Grab some my free printable template, some colored craft papers, brown paper bags, scissors and glue and follow my free craft instructions below to help you make your own easy nurse craft puppet!

Easy Nurse Craft Instructions using Brown Paper Bag

Materials Needed

Colored craft papers
A pair of scissors
Paper bag
Craft glue

Printable Nurse Craft Template:-

Nurse Puppet Template

Step by Step Nurse Puppet Instructions

Step 1:
Select colored craft paper for the head and arms, white for the dress, sleeves and hat, red for the cross
symbol and more craft papers for the other patterns (shoes and hair).
Use pencil to trace the template patterns on the selected papers and cut them out nicely using scissors.
Step 2:
Take the head cut-out and the hair cut-out. Attach the head cut-out onto the hair cut-out, near the bottom part of the hair cut-out.
diy paper nurse craft
Step 3:
Attach the eye cut-outs on the head, along the top part of the head.
Step 4:
Use black sharpie or marker to draw the nose and mouth-line of the papercraft nurse. Use pink sharpie to add blush spots on the cheeks.
how to make a nurse puppet
Step 5:
Measure and cut out a white paper (apron) to cover any one side of the selected paper bag; and glue the shoe cut-outs along the bottom side of the paper. Glue the cross symbol on the hat cut-out, and glue the hand cut-out with the sleeve cut-outs.
nurse puppet craft
Step 6:
Glue the hat pattern on the top side of the hair.
Step 7:
Attach the apron pattern on either side of the paper bag, keeping the shoes on the open-end side of the paper bag. The closed end of the paper bag will be the top side of the paper bag puppet.
easy nurse craft for kids
Step 8:
Flatten the bottom part of the paper bag with the front side of the puppet. Attach the papercraft head
on the flattened bottom of the paper bag.
nurse craft instructions
Step 9:
Attach the arm patterns on both sides of the paper bag puppet.
step by step nurse puppet
Step 10:
Use sharpies to add little details to the paper bag nurse puppet.
easy nurse puppet crafts for kids

If you don’t want to give your puppets away then why not use them for pretend play. You could play hospitals or use them for story telling! Make as many as you like. 

If you love making this paper bag nurse craft then you may also enjoy some of my other brown paper bag crafts such as:-

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Who will you give your Nurse Puppet too?

Easy Nurse crafts

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