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How to Draw a Tulip Flower

We love our seasonal drawing ideas here at Easy Crafts for Kids and my easy tulip drawing tutorial is perfect for Spring! Learn how to draw a tulip flower easily by following my short video tutorial. Suitable for kids as young as 7 and 8!! 

easy tulip drawing

Easy Tulip Drawing Step by Step

Drawing Supplies

  1. Sketch book.
  2. Pencils (HB,2B).
  3. Eraser.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Color pencils or crayons.

Step by Step Tulip Drawing Tutorial

Steps 1-2-3-4:

Draw a wide “U” shape in the middle of your paper.

Then draw two “V” shapes on the top of the “U” shape, keeping 1-inch distance from the “U” shape. Join the two sides of the “V” shape with the “U” shape using vertical lines. This will create the base for your tulip flower drawing.

From the left “V” shape draw a diagonal line connecting the bottom. Similarly, draw another diagonal line from the right side of the “V” shape connecting the middle part of the previous diagonal line.

Draw two more upside-down “V” shapes on the gap between the front petals.

how to draw a tulip flower easy

Steps 5-6-7-8:

Draw the tulip’s sepal on the bottom using curvy lines.

Draw a vertical line from the bottom of the flower.

Draw another vertical line along the previous line and keep a 1 cm distance.

Draw the leaves using curved lines according to your choice.

easy tulip drawing for beginners

Steps 9-10-11-12:

First, take a light pink colouring pencil and color the entire tulip flower.

Then take a darker shade of pink and make the edges along the outline slightly darker. Use your finger or a wet paintbrush to blend the edges.

Take a light green shade color the leaves, stem, and sepals.

Take a darker green shade and similarly make the edges darker.

tulip drawing tutorial for kids

Step 13:

Use another darker green or black to draw the veins on the leaves.

how to draw a tulip in color

Feeling the love for these Spring delights then you may want to make my paper tulip origami or my easy tulip pop up card!

How Do you Draw Tulips for Beginners – Easy to draw flowers

I do believe this should take less than 15 minutes so it is good if you want a quick activity. Please watch my video as many times as you need to help you complete this. 

I do plan on adding some written instructions in printable format to guide you. 

What to do with your completed Tulip Drawing

Stick it on the wall and be proud of it!! Why not draw lots of these and then draw a vase for them!! 

You could also use them on the front of a greeting card for Mother’s Day or Spring Birthday. 

Even More Easy Drawings for Kids to Do

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How long did it take you to draw a Tulip Flower?

How to draw a tulip flower

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