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Educational Crafts for Preschoolers

Fun and easy educational crafts for preschoolers that will make learning an exciting game. It is always a good idea to prepare your children for school and start the learning process at home. 

easy preschool crafts

Crafting is a great start and jogs their creativity. Use this craft idea to not only bring out the creative side, but to also teach colors and numbers.


Does your preschooler have an older brother or sister? Why not have them create this craft for the little one! They can teach the preschooler how to play the game and turn this into not only a learning activity but also a bonding moment for the kids.

You can also make this same activity craft for other things like shapes, symbols, etc.

Let’s Learn our Colors!

One thing to teach your preschoolers to prepare them for kindergarten is what colors are. With these easy preschool crafts and these coloring cups, you can teach them to associate colors.

Once they have mastered the colors, you can re-use these cups to help them learn how to spell each of the colors.

This is simple to make, all you have to do is write on each cup the name of a color – and make sure to write each one in that specific color! For example, write “blue” on one cup in blue marker.

For the preschooler to begin this activity you will need an item that has all the colors you have on your cups. 

A great thing to use is pom poms – they come in all kinds of colors!

Have the kids place the corresponding colored pom poms into each cup. 

If they get them all right, have a little prize for them!

Let’s Learn our Numbers with these Educational Crafts for Preschoolers

Our easy preschool crafts will also help to teach numbers! It can teach them to recognize what the numbers look like, and how to count.

To create these cups just write all the numbers you want to teach them in marker. We added the written version of the numbers so as they get older we can teach them how to spell each number. 

You can use the same pom poms as the color cups or another item.

We decided on popsicle sticks.

Have the children place the amount of popsicle sticks into each cup, corresponding to the number on the cup.

Yep! Learning is that easy and that fun!


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Do you like these Educational Crafts for Preschoolers?

Educational Crafts for Preschoolers


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