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Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag Puppet

While my little girl was hooked on Disney movies earlier this Summer I decided to make some themed crafts; my latest is this Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag puppet.

mirabel encanto craft

Disney Encanto hit the screens last year in 2021 but we are only getting around to watching it now! 

My daughter absolutely loved Mirabel so we decided to make an Encanto puppet honoring her! We can use this alongside our Encanto candle craft for pretend play.

I love Mirabel as she is a little girl with a positive outlook, she sees good things even in bad times and keeps her family members close. She is the perfect role model for little girls to look up to and this is why I liked my little girl making this craft. 

These step by step craft directions will help make this cute puppet for kids

mirabel encanto craft

Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag Puppet

Yield: 1

This Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag Puppet will help kids make their own character from the popular movie. Free instructions and printable provided.


  • 1. Paper bag
  • 2. Colored craft papers
  • 3. Sharpie
  • 4. Craft glue
  • 5. Pencil
  • 6. Scissors


Step -1:

Select colored craft papers for the Mirabel paper figure. You’ll need a colored paper for the skin tone, black paper for the hair and different bright colored craft papers for the dress and the accessory patterns. Trace and cut out the patterns from the selected craft papers.

You can see what this looks like below.

mirabel craft supplies

Step -2:

Cut a slit along the scalloped line (yellow pattern) inside the hair pattern. Slide the top end of the head cutout through the slit from below. Apply glue to attach the head and hair patterns together.

Step - 3:

Glue the earring cutouts (small teardrop cutouts) on the ear parts of the head pattern and attach the glass cutout on the head cutout, slightly below the hair part.

Step - 4:

Use a sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth-line of the Mirabel craft puppet.

mirabel puppet craft diy

Step - 5:

You can use the dress patterns from the provided template or you can draw dress patterns of your own according to the size of the bag. Perhaps you might wish to make two Mirabel Encanto puppets so you can make a different dress for each one.

The top part of the dress should be white and the bottom part (skirt) should be blue. Cut out the dress patterns (designs) from different bright colored craft papers.

Step - 6:

Select a brown paper bag or craft your own paper bag from brown paper or craft paper.
You can customize the dress design according to the size of the bag. Attach the dress design cutouts on the dress pattern.

diy encanto puppet

Step - 7:

Attach the dress pattern on any one side of the paper bag. Keep the bottom side of the bag along the open side of the paper bag. Attach the arm cutouts to the sleeve cutouts.

Step - 8:

Attach the head pattern on the bottom side of the paper bag and flatten it with the dress part.

Step - 9:

Attach the arm patterns on both sides of the bag to complete the Mirabel paper bag pattern.

Would you like to make some other Encanto characters? You could make them using toilet paper rolls or paper plates. Just recently I made an Encanto candle using a toilet paper roll.

Please print out my free PDF Template to help you make this Encanto puppet:-

Mirabel Craft Template

Would you like to make an Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag Puppet?

Encanto Mirabel Paper Bag Puppet

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