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Easy Puppet Crafts for Kids – Best Puppet Making Ideas 2023

Bring theatre to your house with my fabulous easy puppet crafts for kids! These best puppet making ideas for 2023 mean you will be able to have a variety of shows in your own home!! Perfect for cold wet days or really hot weather when you want to be indoors!

Easy puppet for kids

I absolutely loved puppet shows when I was younger; the only thing was the variety of puppets was limited! It always seemed to be the same show over and over again!! 

Just recently my kids watched a Christmas puppet show and they always loved it. It really got their imagination’s going! They keep asking me to do something similar at home! 

The good news is that I have lots and lots of easy puppets for you to make including animals, Princesses and all sorts of characters!

They will encourage your kids with story telling and help improve their speech and language! Early communication is great for preschool as well as older kids! This helps prepare them for school. 

Involve your little ones in making them and their fine motor skills and creativity will also improve! I hope you can find at least one puppet for kids here that you like

How do you make Puppets for Kids – Easy Puppet Making for Kids

These are easy puppets to make. All you need is some cardstock, popsicle sticks and or paper bags or paper plates! You can even use some of your cool toilet paper roll crafts. 

You can make masks and use these as props for your puppet shows! I hope you enjoy mine.

Some of these can be made in less than 15 mins so they make a good activity if you are short of time but want to do something fun with your kids!

Easy Puppet Crafts

These easy puppet crafts will help you make paper puppets, ones with popsicle sticks and even masks to help you pretend play!

Can you think of more easy puppet making ideas for kids? I would like to make some Paper Bag Christmas puppets and some Disney ones too like Mickey and Minnie! All kids love Disney so these are sure to be a hit!

Do you like these Easy Puppet Crafts?

Easy Puppet Crafts for Kids

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