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DIY Fall Wall Banner for Kids

This kids fall wall banner can turn some paper into beautiful fall decorations filled with the stunning colors of autumn!

Bring the shapes and colors of a nice fall day into the house or classroom with these fall crafts for kids instructions. It will make a beautiful decoration for the home or classroom.

fall wall banner

I do find that the one I made tends to draw attention with our feline Crafty Critters, one time she even ran off with a leaf! It must be the string that is irresistible!

Make sure this decoration lasts for years by laminating the individual pieces.

(It also saves from cat claws too!)

Fall is also the season you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. Besides these kids fall crafts, check out our Halloween Crafts for Kids and our Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

DIY Fall Wall Hanger

Bring the beautiful fall colors indoors with this craft!

What You Will Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Single hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Markers or Paint
  • Glue

Step 1

Trace outlines of leaves on fall colored construction paper. You will be creating four leaves.

Make them all similar in size and large enough to fit letters in, and hang on the wall. Cut out these outlines. Place these to the side.

Step #2

Trace out the letters to spell out “FALL”. Make these letters the correct size to nicely fit within your leaves. Cut these letters out. Place to the side. You could do a larger Fall wall banner and spell out Thanksgiving if you want a banner for your dinner guests!

Step #3

Glue each letter on a leaf. Ensure that the color of the letter is not the same as the leaf you put it on.

Step #4

Using the single hole punch, create holes on the top of all leaves. Place the leaves to the side.

Step #5

On a separate piece of paper, cut out a rectangle that is large enough to hang above your leaves.

On this rectangle decorate with fall related pictures.

Once complete punch a single hole in the centre of the rectangle.

Step #6

Cut 4 equal lengths of string. Make these lengths about 6 inches long.

Step #7

Tie each leaf together. The order will be the rectangle sign, followed by F, A, L, L.

Get those walls decked out in festive fall colors with this beautiful fall wall hanger.

Add two smaller strings with smaller blank leaves on each side.

Or why not laminate to make sure it is around for years to come!


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Did you like this Fall wall banner for kids crafts?


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