Fall Wind Chime Crafts For Kids

We’ve thought up some fun and easy fall crafts to help you to make your own home-made fall wind chime for kids. It looks amazing and is super simple to create. A great decoration for the front porch for the fall. Who said wind chimes were only for Summer was badly mistaken!

wind chime for kids for fall


Fall brings with it leaves changing coloring, cool weather, and followed by snow. It is such a pretty time of the year and my kids and I love being outdoors admiring all the beautiful colors! 

This Fall wind chime is just one of our easy fall crafts that you can use the nature of Autumn to make pretty decorations.

To make these wind chimes for kids, you will re-create the scenery you see on your fall walks. This is a great learning as well as sensory activity. I would recommend this Fall craft for kids aged 3 to 8!

You can easily take a nice walk during each of the four seasons and make a wind chime for each one! A fun decoration that can be make for each of the four seasons, even during some of the holidays like Halloween or July 4th. I guess my Halloween mobile could be easily converted into a wind chime with a little work (fun!). 

How to Make a Wind Chime for Fall

Go for a nice walk in the fall weather. Take a few pictures or just look around and keep a mental picture of what you see. 

Use these scenery pictures to help you re-create a great fall wind chime.

Craft Supplies:

  • Tin can (finished can of beans, well washed out)
  • Paint
  • String
  • Two walnuts
  • Bead
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Paint your tin can with a base color. We have chosen yellow as a nice bright base. You could use bright orange as it is also a great Fall color. 

Set the can aside to allow your base coat to dry. You may need a few coats for an even color.

Step #2:

Glue the two walnuts to a piece of string. We used hot glue for a sturdy hold.

Make the string long enough that one walnut hangs slightly out of the bottom of the tin can. 

how to make a wind chime for fall instructions

Step #3:

Decorate the can as you like. We chose to fill it with fall colored leaves. You could even do leaf prints on it using paint!

Step #4:

Punch a hole in the top of the can. You can have a parent drill a hole, or carefully use some scissors. 

Thread the end of your stringed walnuts through the hole.

Step #5:

Place a bead where you want the string to stay. Glue that bead in place so the can stays at this length. 

You can also add a bead to the inside of the can, rather than glue the two together.

Take your beautiful and easy fall crafts and hang them on the front porch or the back patio! Even gift them to your grandparents who will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

If you love the idea of fall wind chimes and you want even more of them you can buy one online. 


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Did you enjoy this Fall Wind Chime for Kids?

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