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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids 2023

Best Halloween crafts for kids are all part of the Halloween celebrations. Here are more crafts you can help kids create for the big day!

easy Halloween crafts for children

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31st every year.

This holiday involved trick or treating, dressing up in costumes, carving jack-o-lanterns, playing pranks, getting scared and much more.

The crafty possibilities are endless, and these are just a few of the ones I’ve came across when I was a kid.

You can make spooky or scary versions of the Halloween crafts for children. You can do this by making sharp teeth, scary eyes, and evil grins, etc. Or go with cutesy Halloween characters with big goofy eyes, smiles, etc.

I have tons of these and have actually separate pages for the most popular ones such as my list of easy spider crafts, best Monster crafts and Favorite ghost crafts for kids.

What You Will Learn on This Page:

Halloween Crafts for Kids Halloween Crafts for Kids Halloween Crafts for Kids

Spider Friends: Cute creepy crawly friends can be placed all over your house after you are finished making these little guys.

Jackolantern: Create some Chinese lanterns that look like Halloween pumpkins with our paper craft.

Using the power of the wind to help it spin, you can decorate with our Halloween Mobile.

Hand-drawn, totally free Halloween coloring pages & activities!

Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein: Turn an empty paper roll into your very own monster, just like Frankenstein.

Halloween Party Cups: Why have plain old disposable cups at your Halloween party when you can have our creative Halloween cups!

Pom Pom Monster Mash: Create your very own army of monsters this Halloween! All you need are some pom poms, glue, and googly eyes. 

Coffee Filter Ghost Craft for Kids – everyone has spare coffee filters around the house so why not turn them into something that will make you go BOO! Yes my cute ghost craft for kids is adorable and so quick and easy to make!

Halloween would not be Halloween without visiting a Haunted House! If you do not get around to doing this make sure you take time to make my 3D Haunted House Luminary.

3d haunted house craft for kids

How about making a witches cat? This black cat craft is perfect for Halloween. It is so easy to make using an old toilet paper roll and markers. 

black cat craft for halloween

Find even more Halloween Crafts 2022 below

Spider Friends

Halloween Crafts for Kids Cute little creepy crawly friends to give to all your classmates on Halloween.

Supplies: Pom poms of different sizes and colors, Pipe cleaners, Glue, Scissors, Googly eyes

Let Us Teach You: Halloween Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft Ideas

Jack O’Lantern

Halloween Crafts for Kids Turn some regular Chinese lanterns into Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween. These are much simpler to make then a real Jack O Lantern plus they leave much less mess. 

Will you go for a traditional Jack O Lantern face or a scary one? Kids Halloween paper crafts much include at least one pumpkin idea!

Supplies: Construction Paper, Marker, Glue, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil

Let Us Teach You: Simple Halloween Jack O Lantern Crafts

Halloween Mobile

Create a home-made mobile to decorate the entrance or front porch on Halloween night. One of my easy Halloween crafts for kids


  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fishing Line or String
  • Bristol Board
  • Markers
  • Hole punch

Let Us Teach You: Homemade Halloween Mobile Crafts

Paper Roll Frankenstein

Make your very own monster, with minimal supplies and easy to follow instructions. This scary Frankenstein is one of the best Halloween craft ideas for kids and adults alike. Greatest think is it is quick to make and only requires a few materials. 

What You Need: Paper roll, construction paper, green and black paint, scissors, glue and googly eyes.

Let Us Teach You: Halloween Frankenstein Crafts

Halloween Party Cups

Be the party everyone talks about with these fun Halloween party cups. 

What You Need: Styrofoam cups, paint, construction paper, googly eyes, scissors and glue.

I can bet you will be too scared to drink out of these Halloween crafts for kids!

These look great and are definitely one of my quick Halloween crafts which take less than 15 minutes. 

Let Us Teach You: Halloween Cup Crafts

Pom Pom Monsters

Turn some pom poms into a monster mash! Do these little guys look scary or friendly?! It’s hard to know! Another one of my ridiculously quick Halloween craft ideas for kids. 

What you Need: pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, markers, scissors and glue.

Let US Teach You: Pom Pom Monster Craft for Kids

How about making my Halloween Gnome Craft

easy witch gnome craft

This little guy is super easy to make. You can easily stick onto some cardstock for a cute Halloween card or else make lots of them and turn them into a Halloween garland. He is one of my easy Halloween paper crafts.

He can also be used for a poster or perhaps you might want to use him to guard your Halloween candy.

I have also tons of brand new witches crafts for children! I absolutely adore my fun Witch origami with instructions

If you want to make an easy witch craft then you should opt for the one using toilet paper rolls like below

witch craft with toilet paper roll

My Newest Halloween Kids Crafts 2022

There are just so many different things you can make with so many different craft materials available. 

How about this spooky Dracula Craft? Everyone associates October 31st with Dracula and Vampires and now you can make your own! This is one of my easy Halloween crafts for kids aged 5 and above. Mum or any adult can help print the template and guide the child as they complete this. 

toilet paper roll vampire craft

Perhaps little girls would be interested in some of my other Halloween paper plate craft ideas like this Minnie Mouse paper plate. Minnie has turned into a flying witch for the day. 

minnie mouse paper plate craft

What other kids Halloween crafts would you like to see featured? Would you like some Disney Halloween ideas or perhaps you would prefer something more scary like Shrek?

My Halloween kids crafts list is always growing! I plan on having over 100 to choose from soon!

How about a book filled with exclusive quick Halloween craft activities?

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We’ve created a Halloween filled e-book.

It’s filled with 13 bits of Halloween fun – crafts, coloring pages and activities.

  • All of this fun is exclusive to this book, and won’t be found anywhere else (not even on our own site). 
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FREE Halloween Coloring Pages & Activities

These Halloween coloring pages are hand drawn by us and totally free for you! It’s win-win!

Just click on the images below to check out our halloween activities for kids.

These are just a few of the DIY halloween crafts for kids. Use these to create a fun or spooky atmosphere for trick or treating. Check back frequently for more additions – we are always adding more!!

If you still want more Halloween fun 2022 then why not try to draw an easy pumpkin or decorate some cute witch coloring pages

Do you like these Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

halloween crafts for kids

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