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Paper Plate Fall Trees Craft

With October coming in the next few weeks it is time for my paper plate Fall trees craft, which helps kids make a pretty picture showing the different colors of leaves during Autumn!

fall tree craft with paper plate

Fall is such a great time of the year for exploring forests and nature. I love the fact that the temperatures are more bearable and kids do not need sun cream for being out and about. 

I love taking my kids to the local forest to explore and watch how the leaves turn from green to orange/brown. My children know when this happens that soon we will be counting down to Santa lol.

When we go for walks we always look at all the different trees and observe how the leaves all look different. They are different shapes and different shades or yellow, brown and orange. Some are perfectly flat and some are crinkly and make a rustling noise when we walk over them! Such a good sensory experience for littles! 

What is even better though is the crafts and activities you can do after a forest walk! Recently we made Fall leaf monsters and a pinecone bee

I love paper plate crafts for kids so I knew I wanted the children and I to make a pretty Fall picture using inspiration from the trees we often see on our walks. 

Our craft below is a simple Fall paper craft with easy to follow instructions and a free template at the bottom of the page.

fall tree craft with paper plate

Paper Plate Fall Trees Craft

Yield: 1

This paper plate fall trees craft will help kids make a pretty Autumn picture.


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Paper plate
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select different colored craft papers, select fall colors and dark brown colored craft paper for the trunk pattern.

Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut around them out nicely.  This is great scissor practice for kids.

Step 2:

Attach the small patterns on the small branches of the tree trunk pattern.

how to make a paper Fall tree

Step 3:

Attach small tree patterns on all the small branches and then flip the trunk pattern to the other side.

Step 4:

Attach the large tree pattern on the top side of the tree trunk pattern, making sure that the small tree patterns (attached on the small branches) remain inside the large tree pattern.

Step 5:

Select a paper plate and a blue colored craft paper. Cut out a round shape from the blue paper.

Cover the bottom (top) surface of the paper plate with the round blue
paper. Trace and cut out 2 or 3 grass different layers from green colored craft papers.

Step 6:

Attach the grass layers on a side of the paper plate. Keep the top ends of the grass layers open, so that they can be used as pockets to insert the paper fall trees.

Step 7:

Insert the paper fall tree patterns inside the grass layer pockets to complete the craft.

You could print off more templates and add more than 3 trees if you like. Why not make several of these pretty paper plates and write a message on them saying Happy Fall!

If you love tree crafts for kids, why not make my toilet roll palm tree or my spooky Halloween tree craft

Please print off this free printable PDF to help you make paper Fall trees for your picture:-

Fall Tree Template

Do you think my Paper Plate Fall Trees Craft makes a pretty picture?

Paper Plate Fall Trees Craft

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