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Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Craft

Turkey Hands Craft

Turkey is a very important part of Thanksgiving and has been since the time of the Mayflower and the pilgrims. There is no arguing that is it very tasty and a highlight of Thanksgiving dinner.

Handprint turkey craft

Get the kids involved in the Thanksgiving decorating, helping them make this Thanksgiving hand turkey craft.

You can use it as a decoration of its own, or add to a piece of paper or banner. You can always laminate it if you’d like to keep it for next year. Of course, you can just get the kids to make a new one every year too.

My children love doing the same crafts year after year and then comparing their efforts to see what they have done differently. 

I absolutely adore revisiting my Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids every year and making a new craft for my children.

Older kids may enjoy my turkey drawing easy which has step by step instructions!

How to make a Hand Turkey Drawing

Like most of my paper crafts this one has a few simple steps you can follow! It is simple enough for preschool kids, with a little help from their teacher. 

I have fallen in love with handprint crafts recently because preschool kids love them. You can make almost anything using your hands! My handprint butterfly craft is another favorite of ours. 

If you want to know what a turkey hand drawing is keep following my step by step instructions. It is much easier than you think as long as you like drawing around your hands. 

Thanksgiving hand turkey craft

Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Craft

Yield: 1 turkey
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: free

Let’s have some fun tracing little ones' hands to make some very cute Thanksgiving decorations with this turkey craft. Yep my turkey handprint craft is very easy and very popular.

You can use it to create place holders, wall decorations, and even a turkey banner for your Thanksgiving dinner.




Step #1:

turkey body craft

Using a piece of brown paper, cut out a peanut shape. Make one half of your peanut shape a little fatter than the other. This will be your turkey’s body.

Step #2:

Cut out turkey wings

Out of the same brown paper, cut out two equally shaped wings.

hand turkey craft step by step

Glue one on each side of your turkey’s body. Slightly bend each one outward so your turkeys’ wings stick out a little bit.

Step #3:

turkey from hand

Cut two eyes out of white paper, using your black marker to draw in the pupils. Make bigger eyes to give your turkey a more cartoon look.

Using orange paper, cut out a triangle for its beak. Finally, using red construction paper cut out a wattle.

Note: A wattle is the piece of red skin that hangs around the turkeys’ beak.

Once these are all cut out, glue them in place.

Step #4:

Cut turkey feet out of orange construction paper

Using the same orange paper as you did for your beak, cut out two equally sized feet. Glue them in place.

Step #5:

handprints for turkey

Trace your hands 8 times. Use red, orange, yellow construction paper – creating two hands from each color. This is basically how to draw a turkey wings from hand.

Handprint Turkey Craft Picture

Cut out these eight hand prints. Lay out the prints with the thumbs facing upward, three on each side (one of each color). Glue these together.

Step #6:

How to make a handprint turkey

Glue your turkey body in the middle of your hand prints.

Now you can have a yummy cooked turkey on the table and a cute live turkey on the wall!

Extra Tip: To make this Thanksgiving handprint turkey craft even more interesting, add large googly eyes, and make the beak 3D! You can use craft foam for this! 

You can also change the color of the handprints if you desire. Why not make them sparkly by adding some glitter. 

What else will you do with your hand turkey drawing? How about getting kids to write down 3 things they are grateful for on the back.

They can sign their name and write the date. Keep this as a memory and maybe make another one in a few years time and repeat the process.  Would be a nice comparison between the two!

You can also add a popsicle stick to the back of this and turn it into a cute puppet. I actually have a paper turkey puppet if you want something for story telling this Thanksgiving. 

This is definitely one of my top November crafts for kids!

More Thanksgiving Crafts

My adorable turkey pop up card craft is the best way to send Thanksgiving blessings this year!

thanksgiving pop up card with turkey

Learn how to make some Thanksgiving themed napkin rings with our easy thanksgiving craft idea.

Make a unique centerpiece for the table with this paper bag turkey. It comes with a purpose as you can fill it full of sweet or savory treats. 

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We have also come up with a few coloring pages. You can print these and let the kids color while Thanksgiving supper is cooking.

These turkey coloring pages are hand drawn for you and completely FREE. Just click and print.

Turkey coloring paper Give thanks coloring paper

Enjoy this kids Thanksgiving craft and many more! We are always thinking up new and interesting crafts for every holiday, so come back often to check out new crafts for each season.

Saving Talents has lots more Thanksgiving craft and printables for you and your children to enjoy during November. 

If you want me to make something specific for you and your kids to try then please use the comments button below, but for now I hope you love this hand turkey art and now know how to draw a hand turkey.

Do you like this Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Craft?

Handprint turkey craft for Thanksgiving

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