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Finger Painting Flowers On Rocks

What could be more perfect for a kids craft than finger painting flowers on rocks? It’s very easy to do, and today we’re dropping brushes and just using our fingers and a stick (pencils also work great). These easy painted flowers on rocks can be done by the littlest of kids.

Finger painted rock: pretty flowers
Stacy is out guest today and she’ll teach us how to paint beautiful flowers on rocks.

Take it away, Stacy!

Let’s dive in!

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How to Paint Simple Flowers on rocks

Supplies needed:

  • Your fingers (of course)
  • Acrylic Paint. I used “Crafts For All” Acrylic Paint: it’s a very thick pigmented paint and works great for fingers. Sometimes paints can be a bit too drippy to work well for fingers.

Fun Finger Painting Flowers On Rocks

Step 1: Choose Your Stone

You should add gathering rocks to your walks: that way you’ll have a nice stash of rocks for all kinds of projects like these clown rocks and rock fish: kids will have a blast choosing the right rock, and what to do with it 😉

For this project, smooth stones work best. The paint won’t get stuck on the bumps and pits, but will smoothly glide onto the stone.

You’ll need to choose a stone big enough to easily finger paint on.  If your fingers are very large a larger stone is best. But if your fingers are small then you can get away with a smaller stone.

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Area

Prepare work area

You’ll need a clear workspace, where you can get messy. You’ll also want to have some paper towels on hand to wipe your fingers with, some water to rinse your fingers with and of course your paints and a stick.

Step 3: Finger Paint The Flower Petals And Reflections

Paint the petals

To start with, put a dot of paint onto your finger and then carefully dot it onto the rock where you want your first flower to be. Making paint fingerprints is so much fun for little kids. 

I’m using yellow to begin with, but you can use any color you prefer. If you still have enough on your finger you can put a second petal dot on the rock.

Whenever you need more paint, put more paint on your finger. Then dot it onto the rock until you have 3 dots overlapping each other.

Creating The Flowers Reflection

Create the petals reflection

With the leftover paint on your finger make another faint flower at the very bottom of the rock. It can be very faint with almost no paint, because this will become the flower’s reflection once we paint water over it.

Continue changing colors and making a reflection for each set of flower petals you do.

Now, using the paint tube itself, simply squeeze a little bit of color out and dot it into the center of each flower petal cluster. I used the color brown, but you can use any color you like.

Paint flower center with the paint tube

Step 4: Paint The Flower Stems And Leaves – Flower Finger Painting Made Easy

Paint flower stems

Now using a stick (or pencil tip or anything else pointy) dip your stick into the paint and drag it from the base of the flower petal cluster downward until the stem is the length you want it. Do this will all the flowers and also add leaves on with the stick.

Step 5: Finger Paint The Water

Paint the water with a combination of blue and white paints

Time to use your fingers again to finger paint the water below the flowers. Using blue and white, dot half of your finger with blue and a tiny dot of white next to the bigger blue dot.

Now with your finger dot and gently smear the blue and white paint around from the base of the stems down to the bottom of the rock.

Be very careful not to put too much water on the reflection part of the flowers. Instead, put most of the blue around the flower reflections and just barely dot on the blue over the reflections.

Step 6: Paint The Stems In The Reflection

Paint stems in water reflection

Dip your stick into green paint again. With a very light hand, draw from the base of the original flower stem down to the petal reflections. Wiggle the stick as you go, so it looks like the water is rippling the reflection.

Did you have fun finger painting flowers? I hope you did.

Are you a more visual learner? Here’s a video of me painting this rock:

You should have a GORGEOUS flowery painted stone now which would be a terrific gift or decoration for your home.

This is only 1 of many finger painted stones you can make, for more finger painted and brush painted stone tutorials you can check out 180 Days of Stone Painting.

Stacy is an avid rock painter and arm knitter living in the heart of Cumbria England with her husband and two children.  She takes her inspiration from nature and enjoys the sea, long walks, poetry that makes you think about your purpose in life and reading the teachings of Jesus.”

Do you like these Finger Painting Flowers?

Finger painting flowers on rocks is a great activity for rainy or sick days, when your little one can't get out. Or, when they are bored and in the mood to be messy ;) #rockpainting #fingerpainting #painting #funactivity #kidsfun #paintingrocks

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