Fortune Teller Origami

Our fortune teller origami folded paper crafts will turn you from ordinary to psychic! We will teach you to make a handheld fortune teller by just folding up a piece of paper – and writing with a pen (or marker).

fortune teller origami

These origami fortune tellers are commonly made in grade schools around the world. Most of the time they get nicknames or no name at all.


The idea of these fortune tellers is similar to a magic 8 ball. You ask a yes/no question and the fortune teller will give you the answer.

This fortune teller from paper craft can be easy made anywhere, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

How to Make Fortune Teller Origami

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Time to Complete:

15 minutes

Age Recommendation:

5 years old and up

Step #1:

Fold your paper so one corner is flush with the opposite side. You will have a few inches wide piece at the bottom. Cut this part off. This will create a square.

Step #2:

Unfold the paper and fold it the same way (corner to corner) in the opposite direction.

This will create a creased X in the paper. Unfold the paper.

Step #3:

Fold a corner of your square into the center of the X. Repeat this for each of your corners. You will now have a smaller square. Leave it folded.

Step #4:

Flip your paper over. On this side you will see a creased X as well.

Repeat the same concept as in the previous step, folding each corner into the center of the X.

Unfold it to the previous step.

Step #5:

Flip the paper back over to your first set of folds. On each of the large, inner squares write out four colors. 

Step #6

On the same side as these colors, write out the numbers from one to eight. These will be on each triangle, two on each corner.

Step #7

Flip the paper over, and open it back up.

In each of the corners draw a line in the center to divide each into two sections.

In each of the sections write fortune answers.

You can write things like: “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “I Don’t Know”, etc.

Step #8:

Fold everything back up until you are folded into a small rectangle – showing only the colors

Pop open each corner and keep a finger in each one.

Now we are ready to take these folded paper crafts and predict the future!

Ask your question!


How to Use Fortune Tellers:

Here’s some basic instructions on how to use these folded paper crafts and start predicting the future:

  • Get your friend, or customer, to ask you a yes/no quetsion.
  • Hold the teller closed and then ask them to pick a color from one of the corners.
  • Opening the teller in one direction, than opening it in the other direction – spell out the color that they chose. Each letter is one move on the teller.
  • Once you have spelled out the color ask them to pick a number out of the four visible numbers.
  • Repeat the same process of opening the teller, this time move it the number of times based on what number your friend picked.
  • Ask your friend to pick another number out of the four that are visible. This time lift the side with that number and read the matching answer.

This fortune teller can be used as enertainment with friends, or to answer questions that you don’t know how to answer.

“Should I do my homework tonight?”

“Will I pass my history test?”

“If I buy a ticket will I win the prize?”

“Will we will our hockey game?”

A fun folded paper crafts concept that can be turned into a small business too! Ask for a nickel and give them the answer to their question.

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Do you now know how to make Fortune Teller Origami?

How to create our paper fortune tellers

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