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Happy Father’s Day Card Craft

This Father’s Day card craft is the perfect way to say Happy Father’s Day to Dad on June 21st this year. 

Nothing shows appreciation more than a handmade card! Previously my kids and I made some for Mother’s Day and gifted them to Grandma. 

fathers day crafts to make

This is my first one for Father’s Day and it features a man’s shirt.

My husband absolutely loves getting new shirts; in fact he has over 100 in our dressing room so I know he will be chuffed with this card!

A paper shirt is much cheaper than a cloth one too so it suits me and the kids just fine 🙂

My 2 littles are only 3 and 4 so they will need lots of assistance with this craft but I will help them to write their name on the inside to make it more personal for them and their Daddy!

fathers day crafts to make

Happy Father's Day Card Craft

Yield: 1

A folding Father's Day card craft that lets you make a shirt card for Dad.


  • 1. Colored Craft papers
  • 2. Craft glue
  • 3. Pencil
  • 4. Scissors
  • 5. Markers


Step 1:-

Select at least 2 different colored craft papers; one for the shirt and one for the tie. You can pick whatever you wish. How about you go for something your Dad already wears.

Trace the tie pattern on a paper and the shirt patterns on the other selected paper. Cut out the traced papers nicely.  

Step 2:-

Take the rectangle paper cutout and fold it into half lengthwise and then unfold it again.

Attach the 2 small square cutouts on both sides of the rectangle, right below the folding line along the middle. These 2 small squares are the sleeves of the paper shirt card.

It is really important you stick these in the right place.

Step 3:-

Fold the rectangle paper along its half fold again. Grab the collar cutout and fold both sides of it towards the same direction slightly to 45 degrees. 

Step 4:-

Attach the tie on the folded rectangle card by aligning the straight side of the tie with the closed end of the shirt card.

Step 5:-
Attach the collar on the closed end as well but outwards, right above the tie.

Step 6:-

You can use colorful markers to draw lines and borders on the paper shirt card.

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You will need your free printable PDF template to complete this:-

Fathers day card template

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Father's Day Card Craft

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