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Uncle Sam Craft with Paper

This Uncle Sam craft with paper is the perfect Patriotic paper craft for kids this July 4th! Everyone needs at least one Uncle Sam decoration in their house for Independence Day.

uncle sam paper craft

July 4th is Independence Day and the best day to celebrate everything American! Many people will have house parties and attend parades!

If you are throwing a house party this Independence Day craft will be perfect or kids who like paper crafts with scissors and glue and want to help out with decorating!

Patriotic crafts for kids are perfect for end of June right up to July 4th and even beyond!

uncle sam paper craft

Uncle Sam Craft with Paper

Yield: 1

This Uncle Sam craft with paper is the perfect Patriotic craft for kids who want to celebrate Independence Day!


  • 1. Colored craft papers in red, blue and white
  • 2. White embossed paper
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Colored markers for drawing facial expressions
  • 5. Pencil
  • 6. Scissors



Read through the complete Uncle Sam craft instructions, print out your template and gather all your supplies together before starting.

Step 1:-

Select white embossed paper for the hair and beard. Select blue, red, brown, cream and white colored craft papers for the rest of the patterns.

Trace 3 the star and the 3 strips on white paper, the hat and rectangle on red paper, the bullet-like pattern and the last strip on blue paper. Cut out the traced patterns using craft scissors.

Kids can help with tracing and cutting out. Great for fine motor skills.

Step 2:-

Glue the 3 stars onto the blue strip and the white strips on the hat pattern as shown in the completed Uncle Sam craft with paper.

Step 3:-

Stick the blue strip on the lower part of the hat by slightly overlapping the white strips.

Step 4:-

Stick the hair pattern on the top backside of the head pattern and the beard on the bottom side of the head pattern.

Step 5:-

Stick the bullet-like blue pattern on either side (width) of the red rectangle. The red part is the bottom side and the blue part is the top side of the Uncle Sam paper craft.

Step 6:-

Stick the paper hat on the top of the head pattern.

Step 7:-

Stick the head on the pointy part of the blue side of the body base. Use a black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth.


Why not make a few of these! You can easily change the colors around so they all look slightly different.

You could make one with blue trousers and a red top.

You could also add white stripes or stars to either the trousers or top.

You can also change facial expressions and have one frowning!

What will you with your complete craft with paper? Will you stick it onto some cardstock and turn it into a Happy 4th July card? 

Maybe you will stick it on the wall? How about adding a popsicle stick and turning it into an Uncle Sam puppet! 

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Before you leave please print the PDF template so that you can complete this craft:-

Uncle Sam Template

Do you like this Uncle Sam Craft with Paper?

uncle sam craft with paper

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