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Raised Salt Painting Project for Kids

I’m so happy to be here today guest posting from over at Troubleshooting Motherhood with a really a really fun salt painting project that both parents and kids will love.

raised salt painting project for kids

I have to admit, usually art projects with the kids just isn’t my thing. My kids love them of course, but it’s usually a big effort on my part with a very small reward. And by reward, I mean how much time my kids actually spend doing the art project.

It’s basically 10 minutes of play and then another 45 min for me to clean it up plus who knows how much time attempting to get paint stains out of their clothes. So, needless to say, I typically try to get them to do simpler projects that don’t make such a giant mess.

I’m always on the lookout for fun projects they can do that don’t seem like a giant headache for me, and I have to say, I think I found the perfect project!

What is it??? It’s salt painting and it’s tons of fun!

A huge bonus of this project is that you probably already have all the supplies you will need.

raised salt painting project for kids

Raised Salt Painting Project for Kids

Yield: 1

A fun raised salt painting project for kids that helps them create a pretty picture! This time they created some flowers growing in the garden on a sunny day!


  • Table Salt
  • White Glue
  • Card stock paper or any heavier paper
  • Watercolors
  • Paint Brushes


Step 1:

Get a large, flat container or cookie sheet and line it with tinfoil. This will help catch the salt and keep it contained.

Next, get out your painting supplies ready.

Step 2:

Draw a picture on your paper with glue. If you something a little fancier, you could also print out a template and trace the design onto your paper.

Step 3:

Lay your paper flat on the cookie sheet and then sprinkle it with salt until the glue is thoroughly covered.

Gently pick up the paper and tip it to the side to let all the extra salt fall off.

Step 4:

Start painting! Gently let the paintbrush drip paint on the top of the salt covered glue lines. Make sure not to press the paintbrush into the glue - you want a very light touch for this step.

It's really fun to watch how the colors travel along the salt lines and eventually meet and create different colors.

Step 5:

Let your salt painting dry overnight and keep making more paintings!

Raised salt painting is definitely a new favorite in my house! My kids had so much fun plus they were occupied with it for a long time. I hope you and your family have as much fun with this as we did. If you’d like to see what other adventures my family and I have, please join us at Troubleshooting Motherhood.


If you don't have watercolors on hand, you can improvise!
Instead of watercolors, you can use diluted food coloring. Just add your desired amount into a cup of cold water and mix. This is what my kids and I used to do this project.

Card stock is the best type of paper to use for this because the moisture won't leak through. If you don't have any heavy paper, a good option would be heavier paper plates or cardboard

I have to thank Christina for this fabulous salt painting flower project for kids. As you know I love flower crafts for kids and I can imagine my kids will put this one down as one of their favorites!

You can find out more about her below.


Hey! I’m Christina and I am a stay at home mom of three from beautiful Northern California. On my blog, Troubleshooting Motherhood, I create content to help other moms navigate the challenging world of motherhood. I’m not perfect or an expert by any means (hence the name “troubleshooting”) but along the way, I’ve learned a lot of tricks and found solutions that have helped me out tremendously.

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flower salt painting project

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