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Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft

I love character crafts and activities and one my daughter loves making is my Hello Kitty Toilet paper roll craft! This is a great craft as you can use it for pretend play after you have finished making it!

hello kitty cardboard tube craft for kids

Are you like me and living with a Hello Kitty fan? My little girl loves all things kitten and of course Hello Kitty is one of her favorite things.

As we spend lots of time crafting I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make Hello Kitty using an old toilet paper roll. 

I already have like over 50 cardboard tube crafts for kids and this is just another to add to my collection. 

Like most of my others this is an easy craft for kids that requires only a few materials and it can be completed relatively quickly by young kids with Mum’s help of course!!

hello kitty cardboard tube craft for kids

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Yield: 1

This Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft is perfect for fans of the cute kitty cat! It is super easy and quick to make using my craft procedure.


  • Toilet Paper Roll.
  • Colourful Craft Papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.


Step 1:

Download and print out the PDF templates for the tissue paper roll Hello Kitty. 

Cut out the parts for the Hello Kitty craft carefully with scissors. Great scissor practice for young kids.

Step 2:

Glue the Hello Kitty’s eyes and nose to the head.

Step 3:

Then, glue the whiskers on the face.

hello kitty craft for kids

Step 4:

Glue the dress on the white rectangular craft paper.

Step 5:

Wrap and glue the white rectangular craft paper around a toilet paper roll.

Step 6:

Glue the Hello Kitty’s head on top of the paper roll.

how to make Hello Kitty from a paper roll

Step 7:

To add some finishing touches glue the hair bow on the Hello Kitty’s head.

Maybe you might decorate my Hello Kitty craft differently? You could do a nice pattern on her dress. 

Are there any other characters you would like me to try and craft for you all? I already have an adorable Love A Lot Care Bear craft for girls

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In order to make this craft easy, please download one of my free PDF Templates

Hello Kitty Template Black/White

Hello Kitty Template Colour

Do you like my Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft?

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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