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Simple Dream Catcher Craft For Kids

This simple dream catcher craft for kids will help keep all those bad dreams or scary nightmares away ;). Keep your children’s dreams happy with this Native American craft for kids.

Native American dream catcher

Here is a little history .and a questions lots of people ask:-

What is the Symbolic meaning of a dream catcher?

A dream catcher is a Native American tradition. These are a hand-made object, and are woven into a web shape.

It is believed that the bad dreams would be caught in the web and the good dreams would slide down to the person the dream catcher is protecting. The use of feathers is also believed to work as ladders for the good dreams to reach the sleeper.

This would be a fun activity to do with the kids, especially ones that have bad dreams often. Give them a feeling of security when they fall asleep that they are protected.

I need to make a blue and green dream catcher for my 4 year old son who keeps having nasty nightmares about witches! I could tell him that the witch would get stick in the dream catcher’s web and would disappear forever!

He keeps talking about them but the dream catcher would be an awesome ideas as it resembles a web, and he knows spiders webs are sticky and insects get stuck. 

What supplies do I need to make a dream catcher – Dreamcatcher craft kit

You can see the craft supplies and step by step procedure below. You need a pipe cleaner, feathers, beads and thread. Some people have asked me what type of thread do you need? Something strong is the answer. No point in spending lots of energy making a native dream catchers craft for it not to last!

Dreamcatcher craft materials

Below you will find my easy dream catcher craft with images along the way to help you. I always think an activity is much easier when you have pictures; you can make sure you are doing things right step by step as opposed to at the end!

How to Make a Dreamcatcher for Kids

Find simple craft instructions to make this pipe cleaner dream catcher for kids. 

Native American dream catcher

Simple Dream Catcher Craft For Kids

Yield: 1 dream catcher

This simple dream catcher craft from yarn and pipe cleaners is perfect Native American craft idea.


  • Pipe cleaner
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Beads


  • Scissors


Step #1:

Create a circle out of your pipe cleaner. Twist the two ends together to secure it.

Native American dream catcher supplies

Step #2:

Take your string and tie it to the circle (you will cut off any excess at the end).

Weave the string around the circle five times. Wrap around the pipe cleaner with each weave to make sure everything stays in place.

making a dreamcatcher craft procedure

Step #3:

Weave around the center of each of your first five parts. This web does not have to look any certain way, as long as the weave gets smaller.

It is believed that nightmares get stuck in the web and are captured so the dreamer doesn't experience them.

Dreamcatcher craft step by step

Step #4:

Repeat this, going in the center of each of the new parts you have created. This will create your web. 

There is no standard for this so it's okay if it looks different. Cut off the excess string and tie it together.

how do you make an easy dream catcher

Step #5:

Tie a piece of string to the top of your dreamcatcher. Make sure it is a loop so you can easily hang up your protector.

dream catcher craft diy

Step #6

Tie three separate pieces of string to the bottom.

Spread them apart. You can make them all the same length, or vary the lengths.

Dream catcher craft ideas

Step #7

Place your beads onto the string. Tie a feather onto the end of the piece of string. This will hold the beads on. Repeat this for the other two pieces of string.

Take your new protector and hang it above your bed. Now, your nights will be filled with happy dreams.

How to make a dream catcher

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Enjoy making this craft? You can always buy a beautiful elaborate dreamcatcher as a gift like this one. This has a more intricate web pattern and lots more mini dream catchers attached with lots and lots of features!

Caught Dreams Dream Catcher ~ Handmade Traditional Royal Blue, Pink & Purple 8.5Caught Dreams Dream Catcher ~ Handmade Traditional Royal Blue, Pink & Purple 8.5Caught Dreams Dream Catcher ~ Handmade Traditional Royal Blue, Pink & Purple 8.5

Our Native American dream catcher crafts for kids will keep away the nightmares and sleepless nights. They are also very pretty as decoration.

If you really like these I can guess you will also fall in love with my dream catcher pendant craft, which is great for older girls. 


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Did you like this Simple Dream Catcher Craft to make?

Dream catcher craft for kids

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