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Rabbit Paper Plate Craft

Bunny and rabbit crafts are very popular during Spring especially coming up to Easter.  My rabbit paper plate craft is adorable!

paper plate rabbit craft

Paper plates are abundant in my house and I love nothing more than making paper plate animals! My kids love to give them names and use them for pretend play afterwards! 

I love animal crafts all year long, and my rabbit paper plate craft is always a huge hit in our house! I show you how to make Mr and Mrs Rabbit just in time for Easter!

This is simple and one of my favorite easy preschool crafts

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Paper Plate Rabbit Craft

This craft turns an ordinary paper plate into a cute fuzzy little bunny!

What You Will Need:

  • White Paper Plate
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White Construction Paper
  • Pink pom pom
  • Two big googly eyes
  • White or Pink Pipe Cleaners

Step #1:

Glue your large googly eyes onto your paper plate, in the place you would like your bunny’s eyes.

Step #2:

Cut out two equal size ears out of your white construction paper. Use a pink marker and color in the center for the bunny’s ears. I let my 4 year old cut around my ears and color them in. This is so good for fine motor skills!

Step #3:

Glue you pink pom pom for the nose in the center of the plate.

Step #4:

Glue cotton balls all over the plate to fill it completely. I used wet glue for this as it was easier to smear over the plate.

Step #5:

Cut your pipe cleaners into 6 smaller pieces. Glue three of these to each side of the nose. I used bright pink pipe cleaners for contrast as I thought the white ones blended into the cotton wool. 

Step #6:

Make a tissue paper bow and decorate it!! I decorated the bow with pink polka dots and the bowtie with blue lines!

Add it to Mrs Rabbit’s head as a hair bow or Mr Rabbit’s chin as a bowtie. 

rabbit preschool craft

Jazz It Up!!

Get some string and cut out some feet from construction paper and add feet! Or even hands and arms!

Maybe you want to name your bunny rabbit! Find some good male rabbit names for your new friend.

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Do you like this Rabbit Paper Plate Craft?

rabbit craft with paper plate

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