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Kleenex Ghosts – How To Make A Ghost Out Of Tissues

We can use these preschool Halloween crafts to change some ordinary Kleenex into cute little ghosts to decorate the house and classroom! I hope you love my Kleenex ghosts as much as I do! 

It’s pretty common for people to get colds around the Halloween season – and colds are never fun. But after your cold, you can still use the rest of your unused Kleenex with these easy Halloween Crafts to create cute little achoo ghosts!

ghost crafts preschool

Much more fun to make little ghosts instead of blowing a runny nose. Your kids might demand tissues all year long now so that they can make these over and over again!

Make a bunch of these and hang them all over the house with fishing line, sort of like a ghost garland you all know I love my Fall garland crafts so this is right up my street)! The fishing line will make them look like they are floating on their own.

You could hang them outside too and they would blow in the wind!! My 3 year old absolutely loves doing this with them!

If you are making a miniature haunted house you can use these to create ghosts in it (I know I did that in school!). One of my favorite easy to make Halloween decorations for younger kids!

Indeed ghost crafts preschool are extremely popular amongst my daughter and her friends!

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How to Make Kleenex Achoo Ghosts

After a cold, here’s a great use for the unused Kleenex! Take a look at these step by step below and you will see how simple they are to make!

You might want to even make these little guys in various colors and use them for decor for a Halloween party! 

how to make ghosts out of tissues

Craft Supplies for Tissue Ghost Craft for 3 Year Olds:

  • Kleenex
  • Black Marker
  • Piece of white string

Step #1:

Ball up a piece of Kleenex into a circle. 

Step #2:

Place the ball into the middle of another piece of Kleenex.

Wrap that piece of kleenex around it leaving the rest hanging down to make the ghosts body. 

Step #3:

Wrap a piece of string around the kleenex under the ball (head) of the ghost. If you are struggling for black string, how about an old black shoe lace. 

Step #4:

Use your black marker and make two circles for eyes for your ghost.

Add a piece of fishing line to hang these little sneezers up! This way they look like they are floating in the wind. These preschool Halloween crafts could also be done with white garbage bags, so they can go outside! 

Instead of using markers, use googly eyes!

A great way to use some ordinary Kleenex to make fun Halloween ghosts!

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Have you tried any Ghost Crafts Preschool like my Kleenex Ghost?

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