Medieval Crafts for Kids

Let's go back in time and make some medieval crafts for kids. Medieval times, or the middle ages, were between 5th to 15th century. A long time ago.

These times in history were very different than now.

People lived in castle, rode horses, and had kings. 

There were jesters in the castle, maids, and knights defending princesses.

We will create our very own castle, to re-enact some battles.

But we are going to be "green" too and make it out of cardboard!

Cardboard Medieval Castle

Time to create some medieval crafts for kids, like a strong fortress for your prince and princess.

Craft Supplies:

  • Three empty paper towel rolls
  • Four pieces of cardbard
  • Construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Cut two of your empty paper towel rolls in half. These will be the four corners of your castle. Leave the third paper towel roll as is.

Step #2:

Take out your black marker. Draw stones on the four pillars. You can do this easily by drawing lines all around the tube, then just create bricks all around those lines.

Step #3:

On one end of each of the four pillars, cut out rectangles. 

Step #4:

Draw windows on each of the four pillars.

Step #5:

Get your cardboard pieces.

Make sure that two of them are cut into squares and the other two into rectangles. 

You want these pieces to be a bit smaller than your pillars when you line them up against each other.

Step #6

Use your black marker again and draw smaller bricks on the walls. 

To make sure the bricks line up on each side you can match them by placing them side by side.

Step #7

Cut out windows in three of the cardboard walls. Create a door in the fourth one.

Step #8

Glue your four walls, to your four pillars as illustrated here. 

Step #9:

With the third paper towel roll you had set aside, create a tower for your castle. 

Draw bricks on this one as well. Create a cone shape out of your construction paper and glue it on the top.

Now, gather up all our knights and horses! Defend your castle from dragons and bad guys!

Make some fun little medieval figurines to go in your castle!!

Medieval Crafts for Kids

With our medieval crafts for kids you can have a toy to play with for a long time after. With the castle and characters you can play pretend and act out all kinds of stuff. 

This is a great time to teach the children a little bit about the middle ages, while they create these great crafts.

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