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Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll Craft

My 5 year old loves Disney characters especially Ariel, so this Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll craft is perfect for her!

mermaid craft with toilet paper rolls

Almost everyday my little girl is off school she asks me to do some crafts with her! She loves making unicorns, Princesses and Mermaids! She just adores her paper Disney Ariel

I always keep a stock of colored craft paper, glue, pipe cleaners and my favorite, toilet paper rolls in our craft drawer, with the latter being used the most!

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mermaid craft with toilet paper rolls

Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Mermaid toilet paper roll craft is the perfect activity for little girls who love Disney Princesses and who like being creative.


  • 1. Toilet paper Roll.
  • 2. Colourful craft papers in orange, green, purple, turquoise, yellow, skin color
  • 3. Colored markers
  • 4. Craft Scissors.
  • 5. Paper glue.
  • 6. Pencil.
  • 7. Ruler.


Step 1:

Print the PDF Template, sometimes I print two, incase I make a mistake. Using the templates trace and cut out the pieces for the mermaid.

Step 2:

Use colourful marker pens, glitter and or sequins to decorate the mermaid clothes and tail. You can make them as sparkly as you wish.

decorate fin and tail for mermaid craft

Step 3:

Glue both pieces of the mermaid's tail and leave to dry.

Step 4:

Choose a coloured paper for your mermaid’s skin. I keep lots of this one because I make lots of toilet roll people!

Now cut out a piece of paper according to the toilet paper roll’s circumference and height.

Then glue the eyes onto the top side of the paper. Then draw blush and smile on the paper using colourful marker pens.

Step 5:

Then glue the paper around the toilet paper roll. Allow the glue to dry for 15-20 minutes.

how to make a mermaid out of a toilet paper roll

Step 6:

Next take the mermaid top hairpiece and glue it on the top of the paper roll.

ariel toilet paper roll craft

Step 7:

Then glue the mermaid’s top on to the paper roll. As before leave the glue to dry.

Step 8:

Now take the paper strips to make some swirls using the long paper strips and slightly curl the ends of the smaller strips. These are for the Mermaid's ringlets!

I chose orange paper for this because it represents Ariel's hair! You could have a blonde, dark haired or even pink haired mermaid if you wish!

how to make doll ringlet wig

Step 9:

Glue the swirly hairs on the front and the curls on the back. Use as much as you want to create thicker or thinner hair

Step 10:

The final step, now the mermaid’s tail and glue it on the bottom of the tissue paper roll to finish off the Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid Craft.

Wow, doesn’t this pretty Mermaid look so like Ariel?! You can add her to your collection of Princess crafts and use them all for pretend play! 

Maybe you might use her as a Mermaid puppet. You can easily slip your fingers inside the toilet tube and move it around with your hand!

I love toilet roll crafts because you can actually move them about and even use them in dollhouses and playsets! 

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Before you go please print out your free PDF:-

Tissue Paper Roll Mermaid Craft Template

Do you like this Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll Craft?

Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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