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How to Make a Minion Father’s Day Card

With the 18th June soon approaching there is no better time to make my ‘You are One in a Minion Father’s Day Card’ using my free craft template and process.

This is just one of my great homemade Fathers Day cards for kids to make!

minion craft for Fathers Day

Minions Fathers Day Card

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for kids to show Dad how much he means to them. One great way is by making a card as opposed to going out and buying one. 

If you want to tell Dad he is one in a million and you are a fan of the minions tell him he is one in a Minion instead! I can guarantee you he will really appreciate it.

This makes for a great Father’s Day card craft that Dad can keep for years to come! Why not make one of my Kinder container minion crafts and put it with the card with some small candy sweets inside! 

If you want to make a cute pop up card for Father’s Day instead then you need to try my adorable Dinosaur Pop up Card

minion craft for Fathers Day

Minion Father's Day Card

Yield: 1

This Minion Father's Day card craft will let him know he is one in a minion!


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Craft glue
  • 3. Sharpie
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select a cardstock paper for the card and select blue, yellow, black and grey colored craft paper for the Minion craft.

Trace the Minion body base and arms on yellow paper, the overall on blue paper, the hands (gloves) and shoes on black paper and the spectacles on grey paper.

You can use the eyes directly from the template. Cut out the traced papers accurately.

paper minion craft process

Step 2:

Attach the shoe cutouts on the bottom side of the overall’s leg parts. Attach the hand cutouts with the arm cutouts.

Step 3:

Attach the overall on the Minion body base cutout.

minion craft process

Step 4:

Attach the spectacles to the minion face.

Step 5

Attach the minion's arms so that they one is pointing upwards and one downwards.

Draw on a smiley face using your black marker.

Using the same marker draw a collar and pocket on the blue overalls.

paper minion step by step procedure

Step 6

Take the square box from the template and write your Father's Day message. I have written Dad, You're 1 In A Minion. School age kids should be able to write this on for Dad!

Stick this to the minion's hand.

Glue the entire image onto the front of some cardstock in a color of your choice to turn it into a Father's Day card.

This is one thoughtful DIY gift for Father’s Day and I have a few more if you want to be really creative this year. How about a Baseball photo frame for the Dad who loves sport! 

Why not make my Fathers Day necktie craft which lets you make a cute candy holder to give to Dad (after loading it with his favorite candy of course)!

Before you go please print out this Minion cut out template

Minion Template

Do you like this Minion Father’s Day Card Craft?

How to Make a Minion Father's Day Card

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