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Dinosaur Pop Up Card for Father’s Day

If you are looking for some Father’s Day card ideas for your kids to make this year you ought to try my Dinosaur Pop Up Card!

This works fabulously well for us in our house because both my son and daughter are T Rex mad! Show Dad you love him with this Dinosaur Fathers Day card!

How to Make dinosaur pop up card for father's day

Dinosaur Pop Up Card DIY

Dinosaurs are very masculine and make the perfect Father’s Day card idea! What better way to show Dad you think he is great or ‘dino-mite’ than a cool pop up dinosaur card.

By the way you can always change the message on this card to Happy Birthday so it can work for that occasion too.

We love dinosaur crafts for kids especially my cool dino finger puppets 

I do plan on getting lots more pop up cards for Father’s Day as well as other times of the year. 

Previously my kids made a gorgeous 3D Flower pop up card for Mother’s Day and it turned out so well!

This type of paper craft can take more time than some of my 15 minute crafts with fewer steps but it is worth the effort and is such a thoughtful gesture.

Mom needs to help with this step by step craft with paper and scissors. Luckily I have a free template which you will find at the bottom of this post. 

I have tons of great unique pop up cards for you to make yourselves!

Learn how to make a pop up dinosaur card below.

dinosaur pop up card for Father's Day

Dinosaur Pop Up Card for Father's Day

Yield: 1

If you are looking for some Father's Day card ideas for your kids to make this year you ought to try my Dinosaur Pop Up Card


  • Colourful craft papers.
  • Card-stock papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Marker pens.


Step 1:

Gather all the listed supplies to get started.

Print out the  PDF template.

Use the templates to trace and cut out the pieces for the dinosaur.

Step 2:

First glue the dinosaur’s hand with the body.

dinosaur pop up card step by step process

Step 3:

Then glue the dinosaur’s spikes on the back.

Glue the legs on the bottom and then glue the spots on the top part of the body.

fathers day pop up card craft procedure

Step 4:

Use a marker pen to draw the dinosaur’s face and add some details. 

pop up dinosaur card craft

Step 5:

Take a thin white cardstock, and fold it in half.

Then make two symmetrical cuts horizontally on two ends.

Now fold along the cuts to make a vertical crease.

diy pop up card mechanisms

Step 6:

Open up the fold. 

Step 7:

Glue the white cardstock piece in the folded part of your card. 

Step 8:

Cut out the heart shape and write your message.

dinosaur with heart pop up card

Step 9:

Use the colourful dots to decorate the card. You can omit the dots if you like but I think it looks pretty with them.

how to decorate Father's Day pop up card

Step 10:

And then, glue the heart and the dinosaur on the card to finish it.

What do you think of this Dinosaur Fathers Day card? I think you will agree this cute Father’s Day pop up card is extra special and will be appreciated by Dads everywhere!

If you really want to make Father’s Day special for Dad you could also treat him to one of my DIY Trophy craft for kids. This is so simple and great for preschool kids! 

How about making Dad a sports photo frame to give to him alongside his DIY Dinosaur card

Before you rush off you need to print off my free PDF Pop up dinosaur card Template

Dinosaur pop up card template

Will you make my Dinosaur Pop Up Card for Father’s Day?

Dinosaur Pop Up Card for Father's Day

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