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DIY Valentine Decorations for Kids to Make

Everyone likes to get into the mood of love on February 14th and these easy DIY Valentine decorations for kids to make will help you do so!! We have everything from Valentine tree decor to mailboxes, paper vases and mini flower pots! 

easy to make Valentine decorations

How to DIY Valentine Decorations for Kids

Welcome to the world of creative DIY Valentine’s Day decorations for kids! Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for little-uns to express their love and creativity through fun and exciting crafts.

Here, we’ll explore fantastic and easy-to-make Valentine decorations that your kids can proudly showcase. From colorful paper hearts to adorable love bugs and pretty red roses, get ready to transform your home or school classroom into a love-filled area with these intriguing DIY Valentine projects. 

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List of my most favorite DIY Valentine Decorations for Kids to Make

DIY Valentine Decorations for Kids to Make

These easy to make Valentine decorations for kids can be made using common craft materials such as craft papers, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners and clay pots.

Other DIY Valentine Decoration for Kids to Make

  1. Valentine Wreath

If you are still looking for suggestions for easy decorations for children to make, why not try a paper Valentine wreath! Simply cut heart shapes from colored craft papers, write a love note on each one and arrange them in a circle.

If you really wanted you could draw a rose on some of these or decorate them with glitter and sequins, let the kids creativity run wild.  I have lots of DIY Wreaths for kids to make but none heart themed!

2. Valentine Tree Decorations

Do you have your own love tree? If so you may be interested in some DIY Valentine decorations for it. My felt mouse above would be a great addition to a Valentine tree! You can also craft heart shapes from felt too. Add some pink and red ribbons as well as tinsel if you can get it. 

Small packets of heart shaped chocolates will be a great edition if you can find a place to hang them. 

Why not make a cute Valentine love heart card to send to your friends?! Want to make a gift instead then try my adorable Hershey Kiss edible Valentine craft. 

If you want to take a break from crafting please enjoy my roses coloring pages or my great ideas for what to draw for Valentine’s Day

Which of these Easy to Make Valentine Decorations is your Favorite?

DIY Valentine Decorations for Kids to Make

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